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2024 Cyber Threat Intelligence Trends and Predictions

This event was presented by Thu Nguyen, a member of Temple University’s advisory board for the Cybersecurity and Information Technology graduate program. This event was going over the trends and predictions in cyber threats for 2024. Some of these predictions include distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, data breaches in ransomware, and emerging tech such as deepfakes. For 2024, hacktivists will be performing these DDoS attacks for drivers such as the geopolitical conflicts with Russia and Arab nations. Nguyen also speaks about the indicators when it comes to data breaches in ransomware, such as reports of law enforcement taken against specific ransomware groups and government sanctions assessed on international operators of the software. The one topic mentioned that I found most interesting was about the emerging technology of deepfakes. There is a rise in them as Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly better. With how good these deepfakes are becoming, there are many ways that fraud can occur, such as in being able to fake images, audio, and text. With these predictors and trends mentioned, there are ways for professionals to find ways to diminish them.

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