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Through this position, I have gained transferable skills. I use database management when searching up a title through our system called Bookmaster. With this system, booksellers can see how much of a certain title we should have in stock and the section it should be located at. If there are inconsistencies within the system, I am allowed to change the quantity to make sure the data is accurate. Communication is a vital part of the job, as it is within the retail industry. I communicate with customers to get an idea of the items they are looking for and help them in any way that I can. I also communicate with fellow booksellers in changing displays around the store to ensure that the layout is as management decides. These displays can be to highlight popular titles and events that we have within the bookstore. Lastly, through communication, I have also gained customer relationship management. There are regulars that I will see and have gotten to know them and their taste for books. There are also times where customers have had issues in terms of not being able to find a particular title at all and whenever we do not have them, I can offer the item to be shipped to the store to pick up another day. This is so the customer gets what they were looking for while also not severing their possibility of coming back to the store.

For the documentation, the screenshot was when I had first started in the bookseller position in March. I had left for the summer and when I came back to the city for the school year, I was offered to come back.

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