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My Journey in Hospitality

Since graduating high school, I have been employed at PourHouse restaurant in Montgomeryville PA, where my journey has evolved during my college years. Starting as a host, my adaptability and communication skills quickly led to a promotion to server within my first year.

In this fast-paced, high-stress environment, my responsibilities include analyzing customer preferences for food and drinks. This skill has allowed me to recommend similar tasting premium liquors, significantly enhancing upsells. My ability to understand and cater to unique customer tastes has not only boosted sales but also played a crucial role in enhancing customer experiences.

I pride myself on providing tailored service to each client, a practice that has substantially increased customer satisfaction and contributed to a growing base of returning clientele. My approach is to ensure that every customer feels valued and understood, turning a routine dining experience into a memorable one.

During my time here, I also gained proficiency with various POS systems, enhancing my technical skills and ensuring efficient transaction processing. This proficiency has been essential in managing customer orders and payments, which is crucial in a full-capacity restaurant.

My experience in the restaurant industry has been a significant part of my personal and professional development. It has taught me the importance of quick thinking, personalized service, and the impact of a positive customer interaction on business success.

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