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Acing Your Interview: Virtual and In-Person Best Practices.

I  attended the following webinar, “Employer-Led Opportunity Knocks: Acing Your Interview: Virtual and In-Person Best Practices,” hosted by the Main Line Chamber Talent and Education Network. As a participant, I focused on absorbing strategies for successful interviewing from various employers. The session highlighted key aspects like effective communication, virtual interview etiquette, and the art of making a positive impression.

The webinar was rich in content, teaching me about the significance of body language, the art of articulating experiences and skills, and adapting to different interview styles. It emphasized the need for thorough preparation, regardless of the interview format. These insights were both enlightening and practical, enhancing my interview skills significantly.

Attending this webinar has boosted my confidence and expanded my understanding of employer expectations. I’m thankful to the Main Line Chamber for this opportunity and excited to apply what I have learned in my career journey.






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