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Interesting Facts

Outside of my academic career, I have a variety of interests that have helped shape me into the person I am today. For as long as I can remember, I have loved movies and TV shows and am always looking to watch new media or learn more about what I have already seen. Some of my favorite movies to watch include The Dark Knight, Arrival, and La La Land, and I recently began watching the show Daredevil, which I am very impressed with so far. I also love keeping up with Philadelphia sports teams. My favorite teams to follow are the Sixers and Eagles, and while it can get difficult, I remain optimistic for their futures. When I am not watching a movie or looking at sports updates, I most likely streaming music on Spotify or watching videos on YouTube.

As for activities, I love running and working out, especially with my friends. I did cross country and track throughout high school, and now, I run with the Temple Running Club and try to get to the gym several days a week. I have learned that keeping myself in-shape helps both my physical and mental health, and I believe I am a more motivated and strong-willed person because of it. Along with working out and studying hard, I often try to remind myself of experiences and accomplishments that keep me confident in my abilities. One of my favorite memories is going on a Caribbean cruise with my family, and it left me a strong desire to travel the world and experience new cultures outside of the US. I hope to be successful enough to do so, and my proudest achievement, giving a speech in front of my entire grade, gives me hope that I can reach that level. I served as NHS president in high school, and while I was incredibly nervous about the public speaking aspects of the job, successfully completing them brought me confidence than I never would have received otherwise. I am forever grateful for the opportunity, and it is a major piece of who I am today.

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