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Social media analytics is defined as the practice of gathering information from various social media outlets, websites  and blogs in order to analyze aforementioned data in the hope to make smart business decisions. This action can be done in multiple ways, but the most efficient path to take would be using a social media analytics tool, such as the popular “Hootsuite” system. Referred to as a “Social Media Management System”, Hootsuite can help you track the status of your brand through all social media outlets. It provides you with data such as “likes”, comments and recommendations for your brand. Its importance is personified by its ability to inform companies of society’s responsiveness to their brand or product. It gives them a good look at how they stand in the eyes of their targeted market.

This aspect of data analytics has a strong resemblance to topics we discuss in the classroom such as, ETL and data clustering. It portrays ETL because it uses programming to extract information from social media websites and then transforms the data such as “likes” into positive feedback and “dislikes” into negative feedback. It then, loads this information into the system, which is portrayed to the user as data transformed into information. It resembles clustering because it groups the data it collects into multiple sections such as “comments”, “referrals” “like/dislikes” and more. This task sets the information gathered into clusters of similar data.

Hootsuite’s website boasts about the multitude of companies that use their program. Among these companies are American Express, HP, GM and Kraft. Hootsuite reported 70% of fortune 500 CEO’s admitted last year that they don’t personally use social media. This prompted them to inquire about the use of Hootsuite. Now they’ve found an easy way to keep tabs on their brand within the market. It’s now possible for them to see how new products entice customers, and view their popularity within the market.

In conclusion Hootsuite is a powerful Social media Analytics tool that encompasses many topics we learn in class in order to bring efficiency to daily business operations.




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