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Related topics of MIS2502:

NoSQL Database:

What is NoSQL database?

NoSQL database is quite similar to the normal SQL database which is for storing and retrieving data. But the key point that NoSql DB is different from SQL DB is that NoSQL DB is not built on tabular relations. The advantage that NoSQL DB has over SQL  DB is that the structure of NoSQL DB is simplified and some operations in NoSQL DB are faster, for instance, there’s no need to write join queries, which saves time for system to run the codes.

How NoSQL database is related to MIS2501

The database model we’ve learned in this course is built on tabular relations. Before we start to build up a database, the first step is always to draw an ERD to figure out the relations of the entities in database, which is time consuming and easy to make mistakes compared to NoSql database.

How NoSQL database is applied in real world:  Linked-In ,   Amazon shopping cart, Drop box…


Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

To enable machines to think and act like human, such as  collecting information, perceiving environment, making decisions, solving problems.

How AI is related to MIS2501 :

In MIS2502 we learned SQL and R, a database language and a data analysis language. The way we manage database and analyse data is to order the system to execute certain codes to get the result we want. And AI is similar. We write build-in programs for the machines and when machine encounters different situations they’ll run different programs to solve the problem.

How AI is applied in real world:  Apple Siri,  Amazon Echo, face recognition……


Distributed data technologies

What is distributed data store?

Distributed data store basically is to store data in multiple interconnected computers involving huge amount of data and computing. Because to store and analyse massive amount of data on only one work station is almost impossible, distributed data store was developed to deal with this issue, which can store and analyse data on many computers at same time and further increase efficiency.

How distributed data store is related to MIS2502:

In this course we just learned about entry level data analysis on PC. In real business world, the amount of data to be analyzed is far more than what we dealt with in the class, so distributed data store is one important field we need to pay attention to.

Real world application of distributed data store:   Apache hadoop




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