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Inside Sales and Marketing Representative

In this role, I provided comprehensive sales, marketing, and administrative support to a local roofing company, contributing to its $400,000 in monthly sales. Notably, I demonstrated exceptional lead generation by securing 250 appointments on the Angi leads platform within a three month span. Furthermore, I successfully recovered an additional $14,500 from Angi Customer Support in the same three months. This process involved navigating and resolving credit issues that had initially been denied. My marketing duties consisted of leveraging creative and technical skills to capture captivating video drone footage and turning it into content. This initiative not only enhanced the company’s online presence but also contributed to a more engaging and visually appealing representation of our services. Beyond these responsibilities, I actively supported the sales team by assisting with in-field estimations and customer consultations. This collaborative approach facilitated a seamless sales process and enhanced overall customer satisfaction.

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