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I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, in Wallingford, PA. I lived in the same house for the first 18 years of my life, and now I live here at Temple to pursue my college career. After moving to Temple, I have not watched nearly as much TV as I used to. However, Breaking Bad has stuck with me as my favorite show to this date. I think the show is extremely well thought out, and it never seized to impresses me with its jaw dropping cliff-hangers. I’ve had many cats during my life, but I am undoubtably a dog person. I grew up with two golden retrievers that hold a special place in my heart, and now I have two other golden retriever puppies that never fail to bring joy into my life. To this day, my proudest accomplishment is joining the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity here at Temple. I’ve met my best friends from Pi Lam, and I would trade nothing in this world for that friendship. Joining the fraternity was no easy feat, as we learned all of the history and iconic members over the many years Pi Lam has been established. I am forever grateful for what my fraternity brothers have taught me, and I will continue to learn from them every day. Outside of school and work, boating is one of my favorite hobbies. My family owns a house on the Sassafras River in Galena, Maryland. My brothers and I have all water skied our entire lives. The feeling of skiing on water as smooth as glass in the morning is unlike anything else. I also enjoy snow skiing. My favorite mountain is Breckenridge, Colorado. The mountains out west are much better for skiing then here on the east coast. Basketball is my favorite sport, given that I played my entire life. Living near Philadelphia has molded me into a loyal Sixers fan. I also enjoy watching football, and to no surprise, I am an Eagles fan… GO BIRDS! One of the coolest things I’ve ever done is navigating the annual boat trip my family enjoys for a week in the summer. In my opinion, boat trips are far more entertaining then road trips. Navigating the open waters gives a sense of how vast nature truly is. Although I am still young, I feel very confident in my ability to handle tough situations on the water.

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