What is InstaFresh?

Millennial consumers are concerned about the long-term health effects of biotechnology and pesticides. They’re looking at down-the-road diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity and the “unknown.”  Farmers sell untouched items directly to consumers by having their items sold at farmer’s markets, however there are only a few available.

There are more groceries stores in areas than there is farmer’s markets that it is hard for consumers to buy fresh products.  This project will create an easy way to shop at farmer’s markets by creating an application that delivers items from farmers-to-consumers.  This will give farmers’ more sales and may even attract a new market who has never shopped for fresh items.

Why should I use InstaFresh?

Consumers are increasingly becoming interested in healthy options for food. With InstaFresh we put you directly in contact with Farmers so you have access to healthy food whenever you want! You have the option for what food you want to buy and from what farmers. InstaFresh is delivered right to your door, no subscription needed. With InstaFresh, consumers also have the option to look up recipes in our “Recipe” menu and find and purchase combinations of different food to create delicious meals.


How do I Download?

InstaFresh is still in the development stage.



Please explore this website to learn more about InstaFresh and the team.

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