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  1. Sales Associate- Cornerstone Capital
  2. Used CRM to communicate with clients and analyze data, created and use excel sheets to keep track of my progress and success rate, call numerous clients, set meetings, and manage calendars.
  3. Got familiar with the CRM tracked all of our outgoing calls and meetings with clients, helped run numerous schedules for management that allowed them to work efficentially, and also send out follow-up emails through the CRM to the clients.
  4. Analyzed data with excel. I used excel to make tables and import data, then made graphs as well as predictive analysis of clients finances, and potential gains from our products. Shared this data with management in order to build a financial plan. Management then analyzed my data, made adjustments and showed it to clients. I would make anywhere form 1-10 graphs for clients, depending on what my managers needed for their meeting.
  5. I learned how to gather and analyze data, I learned how to use and operate a CRM fully, and how to use excel in a work environment
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