John Chionchio

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2021


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Current Courses:

Intermediate Accounting 1

Cost Accounting

Data-Centric Application Development

Data Analytics

Mosaics II

Marketing Management

Completed Courses:

Information Systems in Organizations- Created Swim Lane, and ER diagrams. Introduced the concepts of Supply Chain, and Customer Relationship management as well as enterprise systems and artificial intelligence.

Financial Accounting – Learned how to make journal entries and assess a company’s financial records.

Microeconomics- Learned about the effect of price on demand, the effects that externalities and taxes have on society, and the four different classifications for competitions in the market: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, monopoly and oligopoly.

Mosaics I : The Good Life- Read and analyzed many classic pieces of literature including The Apology, The Bible and The Iliad.

BA 2101 Professional Development- learned how to develop a resume as well as prepare myself for applying for jobs and internships.

Legal Studies- Learned of many of the laws put in place in in a business setting as well as th3e remedies set out for companies, or consumers, if these laws are broken.

Statistics 2103- Learned how to find the probability of an event as well as analyze the results of simple random samples. Also practiced to organize and collect data for these types of problems in Excel.

Macroeconomics- learned many of the fundamental rules surrounding economics and applied these rules to analyze different economies across the globe.

Interpersonal Communication- Learned many soft skills in communicating.

HRM: Leadership and Organization- Learned of the qualities of good and bad leadership at multiple companies; and how to organize a company.

Statistics 1102- Reviewed many ways of analyzing data. Learned how to use Excel.

Professional Achievements

    • MIS 2402 API ProjectFall 2018

    • Fox IT Career FairFall 2018

    • Other Career FairFall 2018

    • AIS Technical Development TrackFall 2018

    • External professional development eventSummer 2018, Fall 2018

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