Jake Green

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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As a media tech intern, I primarily worked on QA tasks for the analytics COE for filmed entertainment technology (including dashboard functionality QA testing, poster art comparison for dashboards, writing queries to identify anomalies in tables, reconciling tables between two databases) in addition to daily manual title matching tasks. I also assisted in the QA process for a new software service that aimed to automatically match titles for various sources.

Main Takeaways:

  • Performed QA testing on 1000+ records prior to deployment of new ATM software.
  • Identified and reconciled data anomalies for out of sync tables by manually evaluating records and writing SQL queries to investigate mismatches for 13 sources
  • Gathered requirements and conducted UX research for the current media tech website to define the as-is to help prototype a redesign concept for the new media tech internship and associates program web-page that integrates with the new NBCUCareers template (project in progress)

My favorite project that I worked on was our media-tech capstone project, which consisted of a full web re-design proposal for the media-tech intern and associates website on NBCUCareers. The goal of the project was to work with stakeholders to evaluate requirements from the project sponsor, the sites target audience, and the campus programs team in order to design, code, and present a full re-work of the web page. This including proposing new layouts, content, and identifying and evaluating use cases for the different audiences (prospective interns and associates, current interns and associates).

I learned a significant amount about working with stakeholders to gather requirements, testing data for quality, and leveraging technology to create business value. Our capstone project was essentially the same as the project I had to conduct in my Digital Innovation Studio course. I was able to utilize the skills I gained in that course to work with my team and put together a great proposal. Writing SQL queries for QA was much easier thanks to my Data Analytics Course.

Professional Achievements

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