Jake Green

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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Major: Management Information Systems

Graduation: May 2020

Email: jake.green@temple.edu


Thank you for coming to see my E-Portfolio!

My name is Jake Green, a junior pursuing Management Information Systems at the Fox School Of Business and Management. I am passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly social entrepreneurship. I started as a computer science major and switched to Fox in search of a way to link my technical proficiency with my business oriented mindset.

I have varied experience working in marketing and outreach, fundraising, strategic development, recreation, non-profits, and the service industry. My greatest skill is the ability to foster relationships in a professional setting and connect with people on a personal level. 

I currently work for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute at Temple Universities Fox School of Business and Management as the marketing and outreach assistant. I am also the current president of the Entrepreneurial Students Associations, one of Fox’s many Student Professional Organizations.

By all means, feel free to journey through the rest of my E-portfolio. You can reach me at jake.green@temple.edu with any questions, comments, or opportunities. 

Professional Achievements

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