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Project Manager

  1. Information about the organization (e.g., type, size, location, specific division/department in which you will be employed)

Epic systems is a healthcare software that holds medical records of patients located in Verona, Wisconsin. They have about 10,000 employees and I will be working in the Project Management department.

2. Job function (e.g., overall role, assigned tasks)

I will be a project manager focusing on implementing Epic’s software for healthcare organizations. I will use project management skills to present to hospital leadership, coordinate end-users and ensure that healthcare providers are comfortable with the Epic’s software. I will also be able to become a Team lead and manage a group of employees with an assigned application.

3. How the job relates to your major (describe how you will apply course work to the job or which course(s) helped you get this job).

I came into MIS wanting to manage and lead projects successfully. My technical skills from my MIS courses will come in handy since I will be working with software on a daily basis. While I will not be developing any software, knowledge that I gained from MIS 2402 and 3580 (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python) gives me a head start to some skills that I will need to be successful for the role.


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