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Personal interests:

  • playing bascketball
  • voluntering
  • watching news

Service work:

  • volunteer in Norris Square Neighborhood Project
  • volunteer in Drueding Center in Philadelphia
  • volunteer in a church( forgot the name)

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My career nterest is running a chain of restaurants. The restaurant is the collection of entertainment, leisure and diet as one. In my free time, I like to visit different restaurants and cafes.  I will remember what are they stand for and what is special for every place. I will think about how they atract customers.

My anther career is to be a professional manager. I enjoy the feeling that work with a group of people and manage an organisation. I think what I am learning is the basic of management.

My name is Jiehong Huang. My major is business administration in the Fox school of business. I am a transfer student, so this is my first year in Temple University. I have finished some important classes, incuding Macroeconomy, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting. I also finished Human Resource Management and Marketing in my last University and I got a high score. I think it’s time for me to get involve with an internship which can let me practice my business skills.


Basic Information

Name: Jiehong Huang                                          Gender: Male

Degree: Undergraduate                                       Hometown: China

E-mail:                       Mobile phone: 2672100569


Education & Training

Study in Temple University, Fox school of business.

Entrepreneurship major. IT Auditing & Cyber Security in Master.


Technical skills

proficiency in using Microsoft Office software.

basic understanding C# computer language.



I am a fast learner and I like to learn new things. No matter what I need to learn, I can handle it in a short time.

In my academic courses learning, I always performed very focused. I like to help other people, and I think I will be a good worker in a team.



a member of student union when I was a freshman.

be a retailer in  a department store, be responsible for introducing product and leading the way.

be a housekeeper in an inn, take charge in housekeeping and laundrying. Get some knowledge about how an inn runs.

be a volunteer in different projects.



All these experience let me know how to communicate with different people. My social skill was trained. Through the volunteer work, I saw a part of the real society and I realized that a lot of people are suffering their life.





Professional Achievements

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