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Spring 2022

 Web Application Development

I created web-based applications that carry out a business process. For instance, I learned about loops, conditional statements, responsive web design, making API calls and fixing syntax and logical errors.

Data and Analytics

I navigated and query relational and NoSQL databases to discover insights. During the process, I used analytics software to combine data from multiple data sources by using the ETL (extract, transform, and Load) process for data cleansing.

Managing International Risk

I explored enterprise risk management and insurance from an international perspective. This class provided me with an in-depth understanding of how multinational corporations mitigate its risks in a global economy, emphasizing on the risk transfer treatment through life insurance, property and casualty insurance, and reinsurance markets.


Fall 2021

Data Science

I learned about how data is stored, organized, and analyzed to enable better decisions. I also learned to make more impactful and persuasive presentations by learning the key principles of presenting data visually.

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