Jung Kim

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Ernst & Young, EY, is one of the largest multinational professional services firm in the world. Additionally, the firm is considered as one of the Big Four accounting firms. EY is a global leader in the following service lines: Assurance, Tax, and Advisory.

Job function (e.g., overall role, assigned tasks)

  1. Tasked with tick-marking evidence, preparing IT general controls (ITGC) walkthroughs, and performing control testing. 
  2. Performed walkthrough narratives of ITGCs for systems including JD Edwards, SAP, and WMS
  3. Assisted with creating a risk and control matrix (RACM) as part of the risk assessment for the client 
  4. Tested for segregation of duties and sensitive access with a risk data analytics tool called ACL


Examples of projects (e.g., list the projects you worked on and what you accomplished)

  1. For one of the clients, I was able to test for segregation of duties and sensitive access of the client’s employees using a risk data analytics tool called ACL. This part of the engagement utilized excel sheets with information on the different levels of responsibility and authority each employee in the company obtained. When these excel sheets were processed through ACL, I was able to verify if there were any violations. 
  2. I was able to assist my engagement team with the initial risk assessment of our client. I assisted in creating a risk and control matrix that set the tests we would do for the client. Additionally, I organized the team’s planning system to reflect the new tests for the client. 


What you learned and how it relates to your major (e.g., describe what you learned from this experience in the context of specific courses)

In relation to my auditing class, I was able to understand the different types of technological risks the client could face and the controls put in place to mitigate those risks when testing the client’s controls. This is related to my major in MIS and Accounting because evaluating the applications and system of a company relate to the financial information that is inputted, processed, and outputted. 

Professional Achievements

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