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LinkedIn Learning – Python Data Analysis

Name of Organization: LinkedIn Learning

Details: This was an asynchronous course taken on LinkedIn Learning which taught a wide variety of data analysis techniques that can be utilized through Python, ranging from basic number analysis to case studies which utilized techniques such as smoothing.

Learned: Despite taking the Python course offered by the MIS department, there was still a lot of material in this course that I found useful and was able to learn from. One of those was actually the module where they did smoothing, because it also showed how to insert values which is something that I didn’t remember from the Python class. Additionally, it was helpful to have a refresher on a lot of content that I had forgotten.

Relation to Goals: This helps me a lot in my future careers because Python is something that I’m expecting to use frequently, especially in soccer. Python is a library utilized by many other third party platforms which allow you to customize their software through Python. Understanding it’s usage is important to using that analysis software to it’s maximum capabilities.

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