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  • MIS 0855 – Data Science
    • Learned how to utilize tableau, excel and piktochart. This course taught me how to handle and clean data, as well as the importance of having effective visualizations.
  • MIS 2101- Information Systems in Organizations
    • Learned about ERP systems, swim-lane diagrams, decision trees and ERDs. This was my first introductory course to MIS and was the course that peaked my interest in how technology effects the world on a larger scale.
  • MIS 2402- Data Centric Application Development
    • Through this course I learned the basics of web development such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JQuery. I was also introduced to GitHub and APIs.
  • MIS 2502- Data Analytics
    • Introduced to programming languages such as SQL, NoSQL, and R. Through this course I was able to learned about the basic fundamentals of data analytics.
  • MIS 3506- Digital Solutions Studio
    •  Learned the importance of design and how design drives efficiency. For the final project I had to create a website using WordPress and the Genesis Framework. To complete the final project, I had to conduct observational usability testing and heuristics evaluations.

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