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Best Practices to Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management

On October 12, 2022, I attended a virtual IT-related webinar titled “Best Practices to Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management” provided by NetCom Learning.

This webinar focused on weaknesses in a company’s security environment. Instructors advised attendees on learning to mitigate issues before they can be exploited by an attacker. I gained a better understanding of IT infrastructure, security flaws, and reducing the likelihood of a cybercriminal securing unauthorized access to an organization’s data. This webinar allowed me to understand the threat of data and intelligence while performing vulnerability management activities.

As an MIS student entering the world of IT consulting upon graduation, this webinar relates to MIS courses. Courses within the MIS program stress the importance of risk mitigation when it comes to protecting data. This webinar reinforced the importance of implementing controls to mitigate attacks. In the IT consulting sector, consultants are tasked with identifying unauthorized access when it arises. With the implementation of vulnerability activities, companies can proactively protect their data from those who

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