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In Winter 2022, I worked at the Chamber of Commerce in the Philadelphia Office as a Coordinator from January 1, 2022 to May 18, 2022.

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia brings area businesses and civic leaders together to promote growth and create opportunity in the region. Members of the Chamber represent eleven counties, three states, and roughly 600,000 employees from thousands of member companies and organizations. As an intern, I serviced members from various industries. Throughout the internship, I earned hands-on experience with web applications and other IT-related systems.

From this internship, I gained direct exposure to various MIS related topics including: web design, user experience, and system operations. To engage members, I contributed to the distribution of periodic email communications and quarterly newsletters. In addition, I provided social media data tracking reports in order for executive management to make decisions. As an intern, I utilized data systems in order to solicit, collect, and compile information within the membership active directory. Designing the company website using WordPress allowed me to identify the goals of the organization, while promoting accessibility for all potential users. I organized content and images across webpages, integrated applications, and implemented other interactive tools. Through managing the content on the website throughout my internship, I was able to give business managers the information they need to make decisions and solve problems through the facilitation of data.

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