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Volunteer Day – Horatio B. Hackett School

On Tuesday August 2nd, 2022, I participated with an all-day volunteer event titled “Volunteer Day” in partnership with RSM. This involved visiting the Horatio B. Hackett School in Philadelphia to assist the school in preparation for the upcoming school year. Volunteers assisted school administrators and teachers by moving supplies between classrooms, disposing of trash around the building, painting classrooms, and performing landscaping work including weeding and planting. Volunteering for a school in the School District of Philadelphia was incredibly rewarding. Teachers and administrators expressed their gratitude throughout the day, citing that they wouldn’t have been able to set up for the school year in time if not for the volunteers. Ultimately, it was incredible to spend a day giving back to the Philadelphia community in a profound way, and I intend to participate in RSM’s Volunteer Day in the future.

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