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Cloud Write-Up


  • Cloud Security- Practice of incorporating cyber security to protect and secure data, applications, and infrastructure that is hosted on various cloud platforms. Near necessity in most organizations as it protects sensitive potential customer information, prevents security breaches or cyber attacks on data, establishes a secure and trustful environment for the organization and or potential customers.
  • Artificial Intelligence as a Service- A service that allows organizations and companies to implement AI and scale it at a minimal cost compared to investing in hardware and software needed to uphold their own AI. Allows more companies to modernize and implement AI while saving on costs, allowing flexibility in terms of scaling, facilities the incorporation of AI for companies.

MIS 3406 Concept Connection

  • AWS and Cloud Security- Cloud Security is a crucial aspect of AWS as Amazon provides a wide variety of resources to implement and manage a secure environment within their Cloud resources. Things like Identity and Access Management (IAM) allow control and restriction of user accounts and access policies, VPC’s allow you to isolate networks and control network traffic, and CloudWatch allows you to monitor and create alerts for usage of resources. Throughout the course security of your data and information was consistently stressed, and different aspects of cloud security perfectly align with things we would implement on our own resources.
  • AWS and Artificial Intelligence as a Service- We consistently use VM access within 3406 and they would be needed to actually access different parts of these AI models whether for monitoring or deployment. AI as a service is also commonly provided as two different service models we previously learned, being Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service.

Cloud Security and AI as a Service Relation

Companies that use AI as a Service require aspects of cloud security to maintain privacy and security of the data that is used in conjunction with the AI. Data needs to be processed, stored, and analyzed through these AI applications so it’s important that companies follow cloud security protocols to ensure no breaches of data or information. AI can even be used to help enforce security measures via monitoring events that may otherwise be overlooked, monitoring events that could indicate an attack or breach, and even find weaknesses to help prevent an attack from occurring. AI has seen success at companies by being used to analyze large amounts of security events that humans may otherwise miss or overlook.


Netflix and Cloud Security- Netflix uses AWS to store and process user data making it important to keep their information safe. In doing so they have created a protocol to detect access from outside of their secure environments and preventing credential compromise and incorporate the use of IAM access and CloudTrail to analyze and track records to make sure they come from assumed roles.

Uber and AI as a Service- Uber uses various AI as a service incorporate AI to detect fraud, evaluate any potential risks, provide customer support. They’ve incorporated AI as a large part of many of the trivial “behind the scenes” parts of their app and customer service responses.



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