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Generative AI for Business Leaders

Name of sponsoring organization – LinkedIn Learning

Details of the activity – LinkedIn Learning course that goes over the various uses of Generative AI in a business setting.

What you learned – Various ways to optimize AI results, such as a prompt engineering, what types of data is used to fuel AI models, and the importance of ensuring ethics and data privacy are considered when implementing/using generative AI within a business.

How the activity relates to coursework or your career goals –

Coursework/Career Goals – Since AI is consistently being expanded and used more and more often especially in some large businesses for even minor things such as planning/scheduling meetings, giving summaries of data, etc. Its going to be something that we will most likely have to deal with in the business/tech world for the future and being able to gain a solid understanding of the various ways to boost its usefulness and how to implement it in a business settings is very useful information.


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