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A Chat with Women in Tech & Cybersecurity

As we wrap up Women’s History Month 2024, I had the privilege of attending a remarkable event hosted by the CARE Lab and the Women in Cybersecurity (Temple Chapter). Titled “A Chat with Women in Tech & Cybersecurity”, it was a testament to the resilience and expertise of women in these dynamic fields.

Throughout the event, women professionals in cybersecurity shared invaluable insights into their roles, responsibilities, and the challenges they’ve encountered. From navigating complex security landscapes to breaking barriers as women in tech, their stories were both eye-opening and inspiring.

I learned about the diverse roles within cybersecurity, from threat analysts to ethical hackers, and gained a deeper understanding of the importance of diversity in these critical fields. The panelists fearlessly addressed the gender-specific challenges they’ve faced, emphasizing the need for greater support and inclusion.

One key takeaway was the importance of mentorship and allyship in empowering women to thrive in cybersecurity.

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