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Build The Earth

  1. My Job Title is currently Advisor, after serving as Community Manager, and CO-CEO for almost two years, for Build The Earth
  2. My specific function as CO-CEO, was to be in charge of map progress, I oversaw all development tools implemented and our discord structured, both frontend and backend. Was also overseeing of all sub-committees, meetings with heads of projects as well.
        1.  The Example best describes what I was incharge of up to date progress, here is a link to NYC’s development
        2. Now what I do is best described as advising build team resources to best capitalize off they’re current progress to create revenue to support themselves to develop resources to build they’re cities
  3. It relates to my major in functions how data is the drive for the project as we rely on open sourced data 3D mapping information to keep up to date 1:1 locational building techniques
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