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AWS Academy Cloud Foundations & Developing

In the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy: Cloud Foundations, I learned a lot about the many different services that Amazon provides to businesses to make running a business from the cloud much easier than running a business on-premises. The Cloud Foundations modules started with concept of the cloud and how billing is done for their services. The module then went on to describe how security is done in AWS using the Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool. The next topic covered was the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and how you can use the private and public subnets within a VPC to create applications for someone to use. The modules went on to describe the EC2, S3, and RDS services of AWS. Finally, the modules described the AWS well-architected framework design principles and the autoscaling of AWS services. These principles included operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and reliability and high availability. The elastic load balancer and the EC2 autoscaling allow for business to use what they need and scale up during times of high demand. The cloud foundations module went over many essential topics for a cloud practitioner to understand.

The AWS Academy: Cloud Developing course went into detail about how to develop applications and interact with them on the cloud. The modules described how to use Amazon’s software developer kits (SDK) and how to use S3 to store objects in buckets. The modules also went into more detail about using IAM and how a developer can use the tools Amazon provides them. The module defined RESTful APIs and how developers can deploy them within AWS. The modules further went into detail about creating workflows and developing secure applications on AWS. Finally, the module showed how to automate application deployment. Below are the two badges for both of the AWS Academy courses:

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