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Research Project

How the Internet of Things(IoT) relates to Data Analytics

Data Analytics refers to the process used to analyze  Big or Small data sets to draw meaningful insights. Data Analytics and the Internet of Things are interdependent on one another to a great extent. The Internet of Things(IoT) is a system of interconnected computing devices embedded in every day gadgets that allows for the transmission of data via the internet. It is inherently important because it promotes efficiency by providing immediate connectivity to a wide range of devices and servers within seconds.

The fast connectivity between servers fostered by the IoT builds on the topic of  Working with Semi-Structured Data we studied in our Data Analytics course this semester. In this section of the course, we found JavaScript Object Notation(JSON) to be the most widely used format for storing and transporting data between Web Application Program Interfaces(Web API’s) . API’s are intrinsically connected to the IoT because they allow developers to securely expose connected devices to clients, various market channels, and several other applications.

A true depiction of the connectivity that the IoT provides can be found in the architecture of smart lights. Changing the hues of IKEA’s smart lights to create the perfect ambiance in a room via their TRADFRI app also accentuates the relationship between the IoT and Data. To begin, the user must connect the gateway to their router via an Ethernet cable. Next, users must link their Wi-Fi connected mobile device to the gateway through the smart light app and synchronize the smart bulbs to the gateway to complete the setup. Afterwards, when the user initiates a change in hues via the app, JSON data is transmitted from the app to the gateway via a secure API endpoint and data is relayed from the gateway to the bulbs to change the hues. This expedient interconnection of devices is made possible by the Internet of Things.


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