Mei X Wang

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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The applicable classes that I have taken/currently taking that relate to my BBA in MIS are:

  • HRM 1101-Leadership & Organ Management
  • STAT 1001- Quant Methods for Business I
  • STAT1102- Quant Methods for Business II
  • STAT 2103- Statistical Business Analytics
  • LGLS 1101- Legal Environment of Bus
  • ACCT2101- Financial Accounting
  • ECON 1101- Macroeconomic Principles
  • ECON 1102- Microeconomic Principles(Received transfer credits from High School)
  • BA 2101- Prof Development Strategies
  • BA 2104- Excel for Business Applications
  • BA 2196: Business Communications
  • BA 3103: Integrative Business Applications
  • MKTG 2101- Marketing Management
  • ACCT2102- Managerial Accounting
  • FIN3101: Financial Management
  • MSOM3101: Management Science/Operations Management

MIS/ CIS Specific Classes:

  • CIS 0835- Cyberspace & Society
  • MIS 0855- Data Science
  • MIS 2101- Info Systems Organizations
  • MIS 2502- Data Analytics
  • MIS3501- Data-Centric App Development
  • MIS3506- Digital Innovations Studio
  • MIS 3406: IT Architecture
  • MIS 3502: Application Evaluation & Integration
  • MIS 3580: User Experience Design

ITACs Classes

  • MIS 5202- IT Governance
  • MIS5203- Systems & Infrastructure Life Cycle Management
  • MIS 5202- Protection of Information Assets

My business classes at Temple build my general knowledge of all aspects of a business. Having introductory finance, accounting, marketing, etc. courses teaches me all aspects of business and helped me figure out what I was interested in and my major. The MIS core classes are the foundation for my education of Management Information Systems and taught me how many fields there are in MIS. I was able to explore my levels my interests in information systems and understand how my skillsets can be applicable in my future career.

I enrolled in the ITACs program during my sophomore year at Temple, I am hoping to pursue the information technology auditing side and recieve my CISA certification upon graduating from the program. The elective and core classes in ITACs keeps me well educated in the different fields and prepare me for the certification exam in the future.

Professional Achievements

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