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Related Courses

  • MIS2101: Throughout this course I learned the basic concepts of Client Relationship Management(CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP). In addition to that, I’ve had some hands on practices of a CRM software, Salesforce. In this  course I also learned how to write some simple Javascript, CSS, and HTML code. I also developed a simple HTML code to check an investor’s investing  score.   
  • MIS 3406: Throughout this course, I have learned the basic concepts of AWS and node.Js: what is an instance, how to create an AMI, how to create launch configuration, how to create auto scaling group, what is an API, how to invoke API, and how to use Elastic Beanstalk. For the project of this course, I made an application that can calculate the toll amount, time, and distance from one interchange to another interchange. Watch my recording to know more about this application.

Fall 2020:

  • BA 2196: Business Communication
  • ACCT 2101: Financial Accounting
  • MIS 2402: Web Application Development
  • MIS 2502: Data and Analytics
  • STAT 2103: Statistical Business Analytics

Spring 2021: 

  • MIS 3406: Cloud Architecture
  • RMI 2101: Risk Management
  • FIN 3101: Financial Management
  • MSOM 3101: Operations Management

Fall 2021:

  • MIS 3535: Lead Global Digital Projects
  • MIS 3506: User Experience Design
  • BA3103: Integrative Business Application
  • JPN1001: Japanese Element I



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