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Weekly Question #7: Complete by March 22, 2017

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on March 23, 2017. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Here is the question:

Give an example of a KPI – some sort of metric for performance – that you use on a regular basis? Briefly discuss how it conforms to the SMART criteria.

(For example, my car tells me its average gas mileage. This is specific and measurable – gas mileage is a precise measure. It is achievable – I can alter my driving to try to get better mileage. It’s relevant – gas mileage has an impact on my costs! And it’s time-variant, I can look at gas mileage over a week, or a day, or a month.)

51 Responses to Weekly Question #7: Complete by March 22, 2017

  • An example of a KPI that students pay close attention to is our GPA. It is specific, measurable, and achievable for example, all graded school work is reflected in your GPA and it measures how well you are doing in school while also helps you decide if you need to study more/work harder. Additionally, it is extremely relevant because it is essential to schooling and getting a job/internship and its time-variant because you can look at specific semester GPAs, over all GPA, predicted future GPA and more.

  • One example of a KPI I use on a daily basis is the sleeping app on my phone. It essentially tracks the amount of time I spend sleeping based off of the times I turn the program on and off. From there, it estimates what I can do to improve my sleeping habits as well as just keeping previous tracks of data stored within the app. With that being said, the app proves to be specific in that its purpose is to keep track of my sleep, measurable in that it measures how long I sleep daily and time phased, as it is based off how much time I spend sleeping.

  • When I used to work at Chipotle we used time measurements for specific tasks as KPIs. For example, making 8lbs of guacamole is supposed to take an experienced employee no more than 30 minutes. This pretty obviously seems to fit all of the SMART criteria. However, for the average employee this goal was not actually achievable. In fact, the goals set by Chipotle are mostly unacheiveable (entirely so if you have any sort of physical handicap) and are likely a contributing factor to the restaurant’s high turnover rate.

  • One example of a KPI that I used daily would be the fit bit watch used to have. It was very specific to use step as an accurate measurement of caloric output. it was extremely accurate and time phased to daily activity. It would also track your sleep cycle based of of movement and rem duration.

  • A KPI that i use on a daily basis is the Pearson Portal online book, which tracks all the work I’ve done in the class and what my grade total is. It is specific in that it only shows the work I’ve done for the specific class. It measures all the work i have done of the class and adds it up. It achieves its goal by display and taking all my work for the class. It is relevant to my grades, which is a huge part of my schooling.

  • A Key Performance Indicator I use on a regular basis is my class gradebooks. These grades are specific because they are broken into specific assignments, tests, and quizzes. The gradebook is measurable because they present numerical data relating to how I performed out of a total scale. Grades are achievable because I can study harder and prepare for my tests, quizzes in order to receive a higher grade next time. These grades are a relevant performance indicator because grades affect my GPA and GPA impacts my present and future career. Gradebooks are also time-variant because I can look at them weekly, monthly, or a semester.

  • A Key Performance Indicator I use is my workout journal. Whenever I go to the gym I write down how much I lift and how many reps I do. This KPI is specific because I can see exactly how much I benched and how many times each time I workout my chest. It is measurable because the weight and reps are broken down into side by side columns representing each day. It is achievable because I can work to improve the weight and get the most out of my workout. My workout journal is relevant because how much weight I lift and how many times relates directly to how good my workout is. It is also time based because I can compare when I worked out with a certain weight on different days.

  • A KPI that I use everyday is the planer notebook. It has all of the needed elements in the SMART criteria. It is specific because it provides all of the information regarding my homework with the due date, test dates, meetings, etc. It measures how much of work I have finished and stuffs that I still need to complete in order to achieve the goals that I have set. It is also relevant to the grade of classes I am taking because if I finish all of my work on-time and also have enough time for studying tests, I would probably receive a good grade for the class since I am always on top of my work by following my planer notebook. It is also time-variant because I could go back to check the date/ month that I submitted my work in case my work and grade is missing, so I have information to back it up and easily find the missing items.

  • A Key Performance Indicator I use everyday is my diet tracking application. It is specific because I can see exactly how many calories I am taking into my body every time I eat something. It is measurable because there is a chart with columns that show how many calories each food has, the amount of each food I am taking in every meal and what is my total calories input. It is achievable because I can manage my calories intake and make sure I get enough healthy calories everyday. This diet tracker is relevant because making sure I eat enough food with a healthy diet is important for me to live energetically and happily. It is time-variant because I can view my calories intake daily, weekly, monthly, plan my diet for the future and see the progress of myself.

  • One example of KPI that I use on my phone is the learning Korean app named Eggbun. The program in this app is divided into many parts such as pronunciation, vocabulary, gramma,… which is really specific. It is measurable because it records how I performed and illustrates my work through the levels. Eggbun is achievable because my Korean is improved as I learn comfortably through the app to get higher and higher levels. This app is relevant since it teaches Korean in English, so it helps me improve my English also, knowing other language will help me with my future career as well as social life. Moreover, this app is time-variant because it has the courses for one week, one month,….

  • A KPI I used regularly in high school was a website that tracked our deadlines for major assignments. The website showed specifically which classes needed improvement or attention with a completion percentage for each task. It is achievable because by the middle of the year, all work submitted was sent out to graders; therefore, the website was relevant to my success. Due to the specific international deadlines, the KPI was time-variant and the submission dates were extremely strict.

  • A KPI that I used on a daily basis is caloric intake. Usually I have a specific goal, usually around 2000-2500 calories per day, which is also measurable and attainable. Also, it is realistic, and I even go over and under sometimes, and it time related over a day’s time.

  • One example of a Key Performance Indicator is the DARS Self Service audit that Temple offers to students. The program helps every student stay on track by measuring a roadmap for your major. It is achievable because it is letting you know in advance all the classes you have to take to receive your degree. It is relevant because it shows your current GPA and also all the credits you already have earned. Finally, it is time-phased because it will help you map out the progression of the coursework needed to graduate in four years.

  • One KPI I use everyday is BlackBoard. I use it everyday to check my grades because I care about my success. It is Specific because it tells me exactly what each grade is and the percent I have. It is measurable because it measures my performance in each class and it shows if I am passing or failing. It is achievable because I can try to get better grades if I am failing a class. It is also relevant because my whole life at the moment revolves around my school work and grades. It is also time-variant because I can look up my grades whenever I need to so I can make sure I succeed in my classes.

  • The example of KPI is that the SEPTA APP which is specific and measurable for the riders including me. It tells the riders to know the bus schedule exactly, so then they can catch the bus on time. It saves people time as we don’t need to spend like half hour or an hour to wait for the bus if we don’t the exact schedule. Also, I am not late for the class of I know the bus schedule, therefore I can calculate and be prepared to arrive class on time. I believe that everyone using SEPTA as their daily transportation will find this app so useful and helpful.

  • An example of an KPI that I use on a daily basis is the app MyFitnessPal. I use it everyday to make sure that I consume enough calories throughout the day and that I consume enough protein daily. It is specific because it tells me the exact amount of each nutrient that I am taking in. It is measurable because it counts based off of every single thing you eat. It is attainable because I can change the food types or amounts whenever I want. It is relevant because I need to make sure that I consume enough nutrients throughout the day. Lastly, it is time-based because it only counts the nutrients for 24 hours and then starts a brand new sheet the next day.

  • One example of KPI that I use on a regular basis is I measure the amount of reps for weight lifting and other exercises. It is specific and measurable because I have set guidelines for what determines a completed rep, and than can quantify as 1,2,3 etc. It is attainable, even if i get 0 reps it is still a measure. It is relevant, as it helps me measure my strength in many different exercise. It is also time based because I mark down the days on the data is recorded.

  • An example of KPI is the health app on my iPhone 7 that tracks my steps. It tracks them over time (how many in day, week, month or at any specific time in a day), shows steps in distance (how many miles a day), floors climbed, and how many calories I burned taking those steps and climbing those floors. Also, a certain amount of steps I want to take in a day is achievable.

  • A Key Performance Indicator that I use every time when I go to exercise is the information on the running machine. I can type in my weight and age, hands hold the sensor as well. Then, it calculate my speed, heart rate, how many miles I have run, and how much calories I have used. It is specific and measurable – the information is a precise measure. It is achievable and relevant – I can change my running speed or track my heart rate to achieve more efficient way to burn my fat. It’s time-variant, I can record how much calories I have used per day, per week or per month in the gym.

  • The KPI I use is the activity monitor. It’s helpful when I encounter no responses for my computer . It’s specific and measurable that it shows all the applications I’m using and also the percentage of CPU they used. It’s achievable that I can quit some applications if they’re using too much CPU. It’s relevant that higher CPU occupation can slow down my computer.

  • I write weekly email newsletters for my internship, so a KPI that I frequently use is the percentage of opens out of the total group that the email was sent to. It is a clear metric that is specific and measurable (# of people who opened/total # email was sent to). It is achievable as just one extra open can create an increase in the percentage. It is relevant because the purpose of sending emails is to make sure that customers actually read them. It is time-variant because I can look at how many people opened an email on a specific day or over a longer period of time.

  • A KPI that I look at on a regular basis is my bank account. U.S. dollars are specific and measurable numbers. It is achievable, as i can work more or spend less to make it go up or down. What is in my bank account is relevant because I need money to buy food and everything else. Also it is time-variant as I can see how I did for a year, for a month or even a day.

  • A KPI that I use regularly is my Apple Watch. More specifically, the GPS/health tracking that it uses. It track specific and measurable variables, such as my steps, heart rate, mileage, time per mile, and calories burned. I use this all day everyday, but more specifically, when I go for my runs. I have been a runner since I was 11 (making it relevant), and keeping track of my progress is very important to me. Apple has an “Activity” app on the watch and my iPhone where I can access all this data. It is time-variant, luckily, because I can look back on my activity logs until the day I got the watch which is great for seeing how far I’ve come. Looking at my data helps me adjust my running habits in order to decrease my times, lower my heart rate (over time) and be able to run farther and faster.

  • A KPI I use regularly is my daily step goal on my fitbit. I aim to get at least 10000 per day. It is a very specific and measurable goal because the fitbit is fairly accurate in measuring my steps. It is achievable because I prefer walking places so my goal is fairly easy to hit. It is relevant because 10000 steps is the daily amount you are supposed to do to stay healthy and it is a daily goal so it is very strictly time phased.

  • One KPI that I use on a regular basis is the activity app on my Apple Watch. The app conforms to SMART criteria. It is both Specific and Measurable because it measures my activity and it very precise. Each goal from the app is specific to me. It is also Achievable because I am able to track the progress towards my goal and I am able to achieve that goal. It’s also relevant because each goal is relevant to me and the goals change over time as my health changes. And since I am able to go back in time and see my progress and goals, it is also time-variant.

  • An example of KPI I use is the statistics about my online blog. It is specific because I can see how many people visited my blog, and other things such as by what keyword they came to see my postings. It is also measurable because I can see the visitors in numbers, and is achievable because I can know what keywords people are interested in, and change my contents according to that. It is also relevant because the number of visitors directly means how popular my blog is becoming. Lastly, it’s time-variant because I can see the visitors in intervals of days, weeks, months, and years.

  • An example of an every day KPI would be a fitness tracking app like Endomondo. Endomondo tracks the amount of calories, the amount of excercise you get and the amount of hydration you need. It even keeps track of your nutrition.

  • An example of KPI that I come across everyday is the task manager application on computers. More specifically, the RAM category of the information. When I am rendering videos with Adobe products, I need to watch how much ram I am using in specific percentages which shows me it is measurable and accurate. It is also one specific part of my computer when all the parts have to work together. I can use less processes if I am using too much ram making it very relevant.

  • An example of a KPI that we use everyday would be the weather. It is something that can be very important for our day to day lives, and it has all of the SMART qualities. It is specific because you can narrow it down to place, day, or hour, Measurable in that we can have amount of precipitation or temperature, Attainable at any time through technology, Relevant because it is what we have to live in every day, and Time-Bound because we can track the changes hour by hour. Especially with the weather as unpredictable as it is right now, keeping track of it has to be a daily activity for almost everyone.

  • A KPI I regularly use is my GPA. It is obviously specific and measurable – tells me how well I am doing in school. It is achievable – I can alter my habits and study more to get better results. It’s relevant – it has a big impact on my professional future. And it’s time-variant – I can look at it over a week, or a day, or a month.

  • Number of attendances is a good KPI. It indicates how dedicated a person is to his class or company. Attendance is measurable. If you do not be late, your attendance will be good. A lazy person can try to get to his office or class early to improve his attendance. Also, attendance is always relevant to people’s performance. If a person really want to do well in his class or office, he shouldn’t be late or absent. Last but not least, a company can always track a employee’s performances by looking at his yearly attendance or weekly attendance or any other time scale.

  • An example of a KPI I use daily is my computer’s task manager. The task manger shows me all processes I am running and each processes’ CPU, memory, disk, and network usage. Also it shows my overall computer usage for those categories. This has a large impact because of one of the categories are too high and causes performance issues I can look at the process’ usage and act accordingly.

  • One Key Performance Indicator (KPI) which I monitor religiously over the course of each semester are my grades, term/cumulative GPA’s, and academic standing. Given that I have aspirations to attend Law School and work in Federal Law Enforcement after graduating from Temple, it’s imperative for me to maintain a respectably high GPA and class rank to remain a competitive candidate for the post-graduate avenues I’ve mentioned. Each of these ingredients mutually comply with the S.M.A.R.T. criteria. They are “Specific”, “Measurable”, & “Time-Variant” since grade points are precisely attributed to something, whether it be an exam, project, or assignment. Moreover, grade points are quantifiable and develop trends that can be measured temporally (over time). There is also an “Achievable” component linked to academic performance. considering how it allows you to monitor your progress and reveals areas for improvement. Lastly, it has “Relevant” practicality, since retaining high academic achievement will bolster my chances of becoming accepted into a premier Law School or Masters program, elevate my prospects for employment, and will serve as something that I can reflect back upon and feel proud of for accomplishing.

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  • A Key Performance Indicator that I use on a regular basis is an app called Robinhood. This app helps me with my stocks that I buy on a regular basis. In this app, it shows how many stocks I can buy, or how much profit I will be getting after I sell my stocks and etc. This app is very helpful to my everyday routine, because it helps me make money the easy way and without any trouble.

  • One of the KPI i use is an app about calculating your steps when you are walking. The steps have measurable statistics and the app shows my beginning point and destination, personally i think it shows the specific criteria.

  • A KPI I use on a regular basis is an app called MapMyRun. This measures the distance and time I’ve ran along with the route I took. It gives me my past run results and how I have improved over time. It is extremely helpful in monitoring my fitness.

  • For a couple organizations on campus, I am on the board as a public relations chair. With being a public relations chair, it is important to have a couple social media accounts and I regularly view the metrics in which how many people have interacted from a single post or how many people a post has reached. Viewing the metrics can make a huge difference in the ways you adjust the way you market yourself. This KPI conforms to the SMART criteria because it is detailed and specific, there are metrics involved in finding what brings in the most attraction, getting eighty people to come to an event because of the way something was marketed is achievable and action-orientated.

  • I measure the traffic and engagement on my website everyday by looking at sessions and bounce rate on specific top-value pages. I’m then able to analyze how well people are responding to my team’s content which allows me to see if there are any opportunities for optimizations based on these results. In addition, I track user acquisition to understand where our users are coming from and how they are hearing about the blog.

  • A common KPI that I use on a daily basis is my step counter or pedometer on my cellphone. The more I run and the more I hike, the more steps it will show that I have taken. I try to stay at a certain amount of steps per day, and if I have a few days where I don’t quite reach the steps I had wanted I will make up for it in the days following.

  • An example of a KPI is on my phone- it tracks everything, how much data I use, where I use it, and who I’m using it with. And it gives me all of this data so I can adjust if I need to. It also gives other people all my data so they can adjust too. Which is scary. But I do think this counts as a KPI

  • One of the example of KPI can be like the smart watches. They follow the SMART criteria they tell you specifically how much exercise you have done or how much calories you have burned in a given time. You could also set goals that how calories you have to burn.

    This link leads to the statistics page for online player v player of a game I play frequently. Within this page there are numerous KPIs as to how well I perform in the PvP. This takes form in the Kill/Death ratio as measured against a standard of 1.00, a positional ranking compared to all other active players, as well a statistical ranking, referred to as ELO. These measure are specific to my character only, with separationsome by day, game type, and each specific match. The data are very clearly measurable and achievable by my own standards. Relevance only applies to myself but the data and KPIs are highly time variable, reaching back to May of 2016.

  • A KPI I depend on daily is GPA , as a student GPA Specifically visualizes how I am doing in school. My GPA coming directly from my performance in the class making it relevant. GPA has a scale of it’s own, from 1 point to 4 points, I have an understanding of whats good and whats not and how it was measured. GPA is also achievable, a student can raise as well down grade their GPA making school Challenging. GPA over the course of time is able to be planned and takes time , but its is achievable to reach your goals before the semester ends.

  • I use my smartphone everyday, which can be an example of KPI. How often I use each application will makes my phone decides to close the application or not. Power usage is also important, it tells me which application uses the most power and I can use my battery more smart. Network usage is very important to those limited data plan. I can see and choose not to use that app that much to avoid the data usage.

  • The KPI I monitor closely on a daily basis is my punctuality. I really believe in the “if you’re early, you’re on time; if your on time, you’re late; and if you’re late, you shouldn’t have even bothered to show up” ideal. This boils down to preparation, which is key in cultivating relationships and experiences that further one’s goals. (I am aware that I’m turning this in a little on the late side, but it’s not for lack of preparation, rather lack of internet access.)

  • A form a of KPI i use on the daily bases is my fitbit. It is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It allows me to set daily goals and measures my achievement of those goals. The goals are relevant to me because i set them myself, and i can compete with my friends to reach certain goals first. Because i set the goals myself that makes them relatively achievable. The only thing I think the fitbit lacks on is being specific. I find that sometimes it’ll count steps while i am sitting or standing. Also it counts distance less accurately when you run on a treadmill oppose to on the street or a track.

  • An example of a KPI would be a heartbeat monitor used in hospitals. It specifically measures the heart rate in beats per minute for the purpose of keeping the patient alive, which is achievable. The heartbeat is also relevant to the success of the goal since the patient will die if there is no heart beat meaning if the heart is not beating you have failed your goal, and it is time based since we are measuring the heart rate in beats per minute.

  • A KPI that I use daily is an app on my phone called Fitlist. For someone that works out and has a strict diet such as macro counting an app that tracks your daily intake is very important. I stick to a low fat low, low carb, high protein diet so everything I eat needs to be recorded and calculated to a formula.

  • An example of a KPI would be the myfitnesspal app on my iPhone. It is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, all while helping me set and achieve, and measure daily fitness goals. It is specific because it has many components that factor into specific aspects of health. It is relevant because I use it on a daily basis. This app is something that directly impacts my life because I use it everyday to better myself. This app is user friendly and helpful most of the time.

  • an example of a KPI would be tracking the weight you can pump out at the gym. It is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and for some people time-bounded. It’s really useful when you track your weight so you can see your growth and projections of where you should be at a certain point in time.

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