MIS 2101.101 – Brian Connelly – Fall 2014

Syllabus Fall 2014

Syllabus (Microsoft Word Download)

Instructor Information
Brian ConnellyEmail: bmc1982@live.com or tuc11814@temple.edu
Office location:   Will meet with students after class. On campus Saturdays by appointment.
Phone # 484-620-3320 or 267-309-5586
Office Hours: Tuesday after Class, Saturdays by appointment
Assistant Carrie Graham carrie.graham@temple.edu
101 Location AMBLER Time Tuesday Evenings
Basic Computer Literacy (see www.fox.temple.edu/foxclt).


Course Objectives

The primary objectives are:

  • Explain the role of technology as a business enabler
  • Identify and explain applications in a business setting
  • Evaluate the organizational fit and suitability of business applications
  • Interpret the interaction between technology, customers, processes, data, infrastructure, participants, and environment an organization.

The secondary objectives are:

  • Discriminate and synthesize between different sources of information as part of application acquisition or development
  • List ethical and intellectual property challenges that arise from the use of technology
  • Explain the evolving role of MIS in the organization, the MIS professional, and careers in MIS
Course Materials
Instructions for purchasing course materials will be provided to all enrolled students via email. This course uses a custom textbook (ISBN #9781269561969) with material from:

  1. Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World by Valacich and Schneider 6th edition with MyMISLab, and
  2. Processes, Systems, and Information: An Introduction to MIS by Kroenke and McKinney with MyMISLab.

All of the above materials are mandatory for the course.

Please download and maintain the full Syllabus Fall 2014 by clicking the link at the top of this page.