MIS 2101.004 – Adam Alalouf – Spring 2018

Learn IT! #2

In this assignment you will analyze and report on key metrics that have been collected by Google Analytics regarding visitors that have visited your e-Portfolio site that you created in an earlier Learn IT! assignment.

Note that the assignment starts with part 5 (you already did parts 1-4 in the Learn IT 1). MIS Majors have to complete parts 5 and 6. All other majors only have to complete part 5. 

Learn IT 2 – Digital Identity Management

Submission: Save your word or ppt document of deliverables with the naming convention LastName_First Name_2101SectionX_LearnIT2 and email it from your Temple email account to: LearnIT.z42ltbp0h6o6tktt@u.box.com

*** Remember, no late assignments will be accepted!