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Weekly Question #5

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Here is the question:

This week, we talked about disruptive innovation & how the rise of technology has completely changed many business and consumer driven actions.  What do you think was the most interesting or important innovation in the last few years?  Why?  What has it done to the original business model? 

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  • I think one of the most interesting innovations from within the last few years is the introduction of TurboTax. For many years, people were required to go to public accountants during “tax season” to file their federal and state income tax returns. With the introduction of TurboTax, people have been granted the opportunity to file taxes from the comfort of their own homes. TurboTax makes the process super easy by “dumbing down” accounting jargon, allowing it to be done either on a computer or the mobile app, and offering the easy option of having the processing fee directly deducted from the user’s tax return refund check. This has put a huge dent in the original business model; many public accountants have lost a great deal of business because of this new service, as there are new desires within the market with the incoming (millennials, Gen Z) and outgoing generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X).

  • One of the most innovating advances in technology is online payment. More and more people are becoming accustomed to using payment online whether it’s PayPal, Venmo, Square, even Facebook allows you to pay people through their messenger. Everything seems to be online now and maybe the need for a physical dollar might not be vital when it comes to paying for something anymore. However, the convenience of paying online, through your phone, or through an app can be dangerous and susceptible to hack because all your information is stored on your online accounts. But it is nice not having to carry physical money around.

  • I agree with Eileen except I would go a much more broad route. I believe that the idea that you can basically use your phone for anything is quite amazing. Whether you want to find the nearest gas station with the cheapest price you can, you want to send money to a friend for a meal, you want to connect personally using snapchat by sending images to a friend, everything that we use our phone now is so amazing. Now on top of that you don’t even need your wallet for most things. I personally use my phone for Starbucks, apple pay, my ID, paying friends, and much more. The world is so much more connected for your everyday life and it all runs through something that just about everybody carries around in their pocket, cell phones. The scariest part about all of this is it is just the beginning. Security is going to improve, and eventually I don’t believe the normal everyday person will be carrying around a wallet for much longer.

  • In my opinion, the most important innovation made in the last few years is QuickBooks. QuickBooks is a software or program that a small business downloads that keeps track of their sales, inventory, and even manages the payrolls of the company. I think it is important because without QuickBooks and other programs like it, everything would be written and it would be so hard to keep track of the business transactions. So now, many businesses just type in their invoices into QuickBooks because QuickBooks also connects to their bank accounts, making it so easy to see how much money they are spending and towards what.

  • An important innovation in the last few years is the rise of technology In grocery stores. We talked in class about being able to order groceries through amazon and have them delivered to your front door. My roommate recently told me about this and I was amazed. Although, I think it is helpful for people with busy schedules such as college students and working people, I do feel in some ways it is a little unnecessary. So many things are able to be done online that in some aspects it shows laziness to me. The idea and process of being able to do this is quite interesting and very advanced, but I do feel we are losing that true connection between many things. Everything is done over a technological device.

  • An important innovation would be the ability to save information online, especially when online shopping. It makes it a lot easier and saves more time. I know some people who have a special program that saves and automatically fills out checkout information when ordering online. These people that use this tactic try to shop online at popular websites like Supreme.com because websites like those sell out fast if you do not put in information quick enough.

  • I think one of the most important innovations in the last few years is online banking. Online banking is quick and convenient. People can now bank on the go. Online banking also makes paying bills easy. Personally, I use online banking very often. Between working and going to school it is often difficult to find time (durning the bank’s hours of operation) to stop at a physical bank. I also use online banking to pay my car payment every month. Online banking is not only efficient for personal use but it is also efficient for businesses. A business can quickly make a transaction, this should save the business time which ultimately helps the business save money. Although online banking does speed the process along it, online banking is not as secure as going to a physical bank. Online banking also lacks human interaction, as a result, banks lose their personal aspect.

  • I think the most interesting innovation throughout the past couple of years was the introduction of Apple Pay. It is incredible that you can pay for something by just tapping your phone on a device. It has taken away from the normal “swipe your card and enter your pin.” Now, it’s either Apple Pay or inserting you credit card with the chip, that way it protects your card information.

    This relates to what other people said about apps like Venmo and Facebook that allows you to pay people through the app. Paypal is an older form of payment online (like Blockbuster compared to Netflix) but now Paypal is introducing a new way of pay, creating an app like Venmo to catch up.

  • I think an important innovation that has risen in technology in the last few years is patient portals. Health care offices now give patients the ability to schedule appointments, view test results, order prescription medication, request referrals, pay bills and more through their website. This is a huge convenience to everyone involved in the process; patients no longer have to call the doctors office or leave messages for such information. Now, the physician is in direct connect with a patient which cuts back on response times and internal resources. We discussed the advantages of companies that offer convenience and consistency when interacting with consumers. I think this is a great example of how disruptive innovation can be a huge benefit, especially in the health care field – response times in these types of situation can potentially save lives.

  • An important innovation would be how more businesses are making it so easy for customers to order from their phone and their order is ready for pick up within minutes. For example, Starbucks you can now make and order on your phone and you don’t have to wait in line anymore, it is just ready when you get there. Businesses know that people are rushing for work or to pick up their kids and don’t have time to wait in a line sometimes, therefore, they make it convenient within a click of a button. Grocery stores too. Why spend two hours in a grocery store when you can easily order from a computer or your smartphone and pick it up the same day? Using technology to order products instead of physically going to the store saves us time and aggravation. More and more businesses are having this option, and I only see it advancing in the future. This innovation could hurt the original business model because it takes away that physical contact and less people are now browsing in stores. This could potentially hurt businesses because there are less impulsive purchases online rather then in a store you will walk down every aisle and usually buy something you didn’t really need.

  • To me, the most important and exciting innovation in recent memory has been cryptocurrency. While we are still in the early phases of its use, I am anxiously awaiting further development of its potential for online commerce. Our current system, which utilizes banks and/or payment processors as a middle man, would be rendered obsolete by broader implementation of block chain. It would provide a more secure transaction and reduce or eliminate the transaction fees currently charged during credit card processing. The security aspect is especially attractive to me based on the amount of credit and debit card fraud I see every day in the banking industry.

  • In my opinion, I think that by far the most important and exciting innovation has to be online shopping and paying. You can pay your bills on time without having to worry about mailing trouble. You can shop online and receive it in the same day. You even can order dinner and pay through an app. All of these have not been as successful as in the past and I think now that he has been working good and successful, it is a huge innovation and will just continue to get better.

  • I think the most important innovation in the last few years has been smartphones. Having a phone takes away carry a camera and a computer, because now phones have both. Phones these days have a cameras built into it and they are just as good as an actual camera by itself. Also, you can do most actions on a smartphone that you can do on a computer. There are some actions you cannot do on a phone that you can do on a computer, but if you think back to what phones were capable of doing just 10 year ago you understand how far they have innovated. Phones started off having to be plugged into an outlet at all times to be utilized. Then when the first cell phone came out all they were able to do was make a phone call. Then text. Now a phone can access the internet and do many tasks a computer can. Phones have innovated so much over just the past 10 years, that it amazing and makes me wonder what will happen in the next 10 years! Now that the smartphone has a great camera that produces loaded pixel pictures many people don’t feel the need to carry around a camera to take pictures, and most people have their phone 24/7.

  • Although 3D printing was originally created in the 1980s, the actual use of this innovation was only realized within the last couple of years. 3D printing is both an interesting and important innovation because of its possible utility for business, which include creating products more efficiently and quickly than previously thought. This innovation has usually been used for prototypes and only produced in the form of plastic; however, businesses and companies are starting to use other materials that will actually be apart of the final product. 3D printing will not only narrow down the production time but also cut down the costs of producing these products. The interesting part of this innovation was that it was created decades ago, but business have only just realized the actual business part of the innovation. 3D printing will quickly transform the production process of businesses, adding benefits to almost any company that can harness this innovation.

  • I think the most important innovation of the past few years has been amazon prime. Amazon makes it very easy for people to get gifts last minute. Now in some cities they have two hour delivery. They are also coming out with grocery stores where you don’t have to go through the register. If this comes out and is successful I think amazon will become a monopoly.

  • Undoubtedly one of the most important innovation of the last few years is cloud computing. Many people see the cloud as a wireless space that hold all their photos or perhaps its where all those funny cat videos on youtube come from. In reality the cloud is just someone else’s computer. This is very beneficial not only to users but to business as well. People can store their important files on third party systems so that if they lose their local devices or that information gets corrupted it can be recovered easily. Additionally. Being able to send calculation requests to data centers can drastically decrease the cost of devices needed at businesses. They don’t need expensive computers to do all the work locally. just only need to send the data and the request out and have that be calculated elsewhere and have the answer sent back,

  • One of the most interesting and important innovations in the past few years is the recent rise of Uber, Lyft, and other services like that. I find it so interesting because it is taken normal people who are looking to make a little bit of money, allowing them to control their own schedule, and pairing them up with people who need something, a ride. It is completely destroying the taxi industry as hardly any people under 25 use them anymore as they now use Uber. Uber is such a simple concept, but it had never been done before on such a large scale and I just find it so beneficial to the consumers and the workers. Anybody in need of a job and that has a car and license can all the sudden within a week be out on the road making money for themselves. Taxi drivers are forced into 8-12 hour shifts five days a week, and make the majority of their money off tips, where as now Uber drivers don’t make much money off tips but keep more of the drive itself, and get to pick their own schedule. I think over the next couple of decade’s taxi’s will start to become more and more irrelevant until they practically are all gone.

  • At the risk of being repetitive, Id have to say that the biggest innovation has been the portable point of sale technology such as the Square technology. The square technology has made receiving payments much simpler for my husband and I’s plumbing business. Instead of having to process each payment for techs out in the field from the main office, our plumbers are able to process every transaction from their i pads or smart phones. They also have a store-front feature that allows us to keep track of our inventory and also deduct precisely the right amount of money from the plumber overall commission in order to account for the materials cost of the job sold.

  • I think the rise and use of a.i. in the last few years will be the most disruptive new technology moving forward. Just becasue of its many potential applications it has a higher chance of effecting more businesses and individuals. We are already seeing more and more jobs and tasks automated and the number is only growing.

  • One of the biggest innovations and technology updates in my perspective and that I use in almost a daily basis, is the navigation systems. The gps has advanced tremendously throughout the years and will continue to advance. Businesses benefit from this advancement because customers can easily locate where the business is, the fastest way to get there, where the building is exactly located and whats its next to, what the building looks like from the street. Some even provide a phone number of the business, along with an address is you just searched the name, and pictures of the inside and outside of the place with a rating. Business along with customers benefit greatly from the navigation and it makes it much easier for the consumer, which gives businesses more business.

  • Though they are not on the roads all over the place yet, autonomous cars are still being tested and have been for at least a few months now. Before reading about them in this class, I saw people on the news taking them for test drives on highways and other larger roads. I am enamored with the idea of cars that drive themselves, and I am really curious to see how and when they are released to public. This completely changes the business model for cars, which have had to be controlled by humans since the first automobile was created. This invention is going to change everything, but I do have some questions about it. How will they program it to know when a traffic light is red or green? I think they if autonomous cars become reliable, that one day, when they are all over the roads, there will be much less traffic jams and hopefully less accidents. I think this is definitely an invention that is going to change a lot.

  • One innovation that I find extremely interesting is the increased use of biometrics in today’s society. At one of my previous jobs, a new system was introduced in the office for clocking in. In order to clock in, you had to scan your finger print. Additionally, you can now unlock phones with finger print or iris scans. I have even heard of countries using biometrics to verify the identities of incoming travelers / citizens. It’s amazing that this technology exists and that we are beginning to utilize it in society. With biometrics processes can become much quicker and even safer!!

  • I think the most important innovation in the last few years has been artificial intelligence. Many organizations are using or starting to use more a.i. in their organizations. It has helped increase efficiency and reduce work time. It is definitely useful for many reasons and I believe it will cause more benefits for organizations in the future.

  • I think one of the most important innovations in the rise of social media as a business tool. Social media has been around for a while but in the past 5-10 years it has become a power house of technological innovation dealing with how businesses market advertise and distribute information and goods. Many news outlets have had to adapt to the rise in population getting their news from social media sites like Facebook driving companies to get a larger social media presence. TIME is a great example of a news outlet that has made huge strides in social media journalism to keep up with social medias influence on people. We have also see some of its weakness with the confirmation of the Russian scandal through which they purchased ads to influence an American election via social media. So we are seeing social media change how advertising is being done how companies market their goods and how governments run propaganda.

  • I believe the most important innovation in the last few years is the smartphone. The smartphone has made it possible for people to remain accessible, check emails, manage files through certain apps and host live meetings through skype or WebEx without needing to carry a laptop or be in an office. For example, I was able to join a meeting for work via skype while traveling to another city via my smartphone. Smartphones have also made it so business people can be more productive outside of their scheduled work hours which, unfortunately, can lead to many people missing out on needed personal or family time.

  • In my experience thus far working at a manufacturing facility, I see many new information systems being implemented bi-annually, which is fairly frequently. This just goes to show how quickly technology is improving and being marketed to consumers. There are many intriguing information systems, but one that stands out is known as LabelTraxxx. This software is used in label manufacturing and it allows the company to oversee the entire process of creating a label for a customer. This includes accounting, production, inventory, etc. From the get-go, when a customer calls with an inquiry for a potential sale, they are entered into the system and from there they can continue to follow the process using LabelTraxxx. Prior to using this software, everything was documented on paper and processes were much slower and at a higher risk to lose or mishandle.

  • I think the biggest innovation in recent years has been the emergence of the smartphone. Phones had been around for years, and so had the normal cell phone, but there were many different types of cellphone. With the emergence of smartphones, especially today, it seems that everyone has either an iPhone or an Android. These two models have the cellphone market cornered. But the emergence of smartphones have also led to the emergence of many of the other technologies listed, such as Uber and Lyft, Mobile Banking, etc. The smartphone was a revolution in itself, but led the way for many other groundbreaking innovations as well.

  • As a few of our colleague’s have mentioned, I believe one of the biggest innovations in recent years has been smartphones. More specifically, mobile apps have been one of the most important innovations in the last few years. For instance, the ease at which we can connect to an application and have nearly anything we want to accomplish at our disposal is so advantageous to us and our time management. Mobile banking and the ability to take pictures of checks is something, I am sure, most people never thought of before and is now muscle memory for most. I believe we mentioned in one of our previous classes, but mobile/online banking has changed how banks must interact with their customers.

  • I think the most important innovation in the last few years is the Uber.It’ s very convenient and interesting. The most of drivers are normal people and they may have other jobs. They can make their own work schedules. What means the drivers can begin start working whenever they have time. It also has a positive influence on the passenger since there are more cars they can find than before. Moreover, it is more
    convenient because they just need to order a car on the phone and the car will find you based on your position. In China, there is also a similar application which named DiDi and I always use it. So this kind of way is popular in contemporary society. I think it will replace the taxi in the future.

  • One of the biggest innovations in recent years, like some of my classmates have already stated, is online payment methods. Examples of this include Venmo, PayPal, SquareCash, cash app and now even apps like Facebook and snapshot. The growth of electronic payment methods is going to do one of two things. On one hand, it could benefit Society by making it easier to make purchases, transfer funds, and also give gifts. On the other hand, there is a possibility of negatively affecting society through hacking and identity theft. The more outlets that have bank account numbers and/or passwords on them, the more likely it is for a hacker to attack that website and/or platform.

  • I believe that one of the most interesting and important innovation is the unmanned vehicles. More specifically, the vehicles that go in to battle such as digging in the underground and bringing the dirt out of the mined areas, as well as the military vehicles that go into the more dangerous areas during battle. I think that tis innovation helps prevent some people from having to do the most dangerous jobs. I think that by creating this it has saved dome companies or even the military money over time. It makes one think about the number of people that did these jobs previously as well as how many lost their lives doing it.

  • One of the biggest innovation of the last few years is Social Media. When it was first created it was merely just a way to share and connect with loved ones. Now it is a means for marketing and business strategy. Before Social media there was email marketing and Google ad words. Email marketing sent masses of emails to consumers on their list, but now it is considered spam. And Google ad words are still used, but not as much as Facebook’s paid reaches where you can target your audience. Social Media has taken away the need of email marketing, which took a lot of business owners by surprise.

  • As we talked about in class, the innovation of the cell phone has been very disruptive in both negative and positive ways. It amazes me what they come up with from year to year. The smart phone first took away the necessity of a house phone, the a digital camera, maps, and even most uses of a computer for the average person. Just about anything you can think of can be done through your smart phone. Markets that are disrupted by the advancement must now find a way to evolve with the changing times in order to stay a float. New marketing techniques must be made in order to create value for customers of this technology age.

  • I would have to agree with many others in thinking that online shopping has been very innovative yet disruptive to brick and mortar stores. Like the way amazon- which we have talked about extensively in class- is so fast and convenient that many people have no need to leave the house to get a hold of nearly any item you could imagine. It has lessened the need for many storefronts, retail workers, etc.

  • Smartphones and smart devices are definitely on the innovation list for their power to change lifestyle and how things work. The smartphone is becoming less a device and more of an all-rounded personal assistant that assists people from a to z, 24/7. It is hard to imagine how less productive one can be at work without quick email replying, emergency calls, file sharings etc. Smartphones also give rise to media usage, thus businesses have to alter their ways of collecting data, communicating with customers and updating new products/service that adapt to the change in lifestyle.

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