MIS 2101.703 – Amy Lavin – Fall 2018

Weekly Question #6 (The last one!)

Hi!  This will be the last Weekly Question for the class… 

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the end of day, Friday, October 12.  Your response only needs to be about three or four sentences. For this weekly question, I am mainly interested in your biggest takeaway from this class.  After spending the last semester learning about how you, as business professionals, will utilize technology in the workforce to be efficient and effective, what do you think is the most important aspect of technology in the workforce?  What key elements can you use to shape your future (or current) outlook?

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27 Responses to Weekly Question #6 (The last one!)

  • I think this semester has truly prepared me to analyze all the functionalities of a system within an organization through diagramming with swim lanes and ERDs. The repetitive practice and examination on this subject, I think, has made this the biggest takeaway and something I will utilize from this course in my future endeavours. Being a Finance and Financial Planning double major, and a future prospect in the wealth management industry, I will definitely have to utilize such data to understand the movement of information and wealth throughout the markets and throughout my clients’ portfolios. I will use these diagrams to remain up to date with decisions being made in both areas, and to enhance my efficiencies and client satisfaction.

  • I think the lesson I will take away from this course is that technology can be helpful to businesses in way I never thought of before. Using something like a swim lane diagram can be so useful in explaining a process and understanding a process. The most important aspect of technology in the workplace is the ways it can help employees improve and help a business run more effectively. It can truly help a business save time. I can use all of this information in the future because I will be consistently looking for way I can improve my professional life with technology and use the diagrams we learned about to help myself become the most effective and efficiently employee I can be.

  • I have learned a lot over the course of this class and have gotten many helpful takeaways for my future career. As a result of this course, I have found a greater appreciation for the role of technology and how important it is in the workforce. For me, the most important aspect of using technology is creating a system that caters to your needs. Having a system that can do the majority of the difficult work for you will increase your efficiency drastically. If you are using an outdated technology that isn’t specifically designed for your processes, you will find difficulty in your work. The key element of technology (for me) is that it is constantly changing/improving. My current outlook is that I have to be able to adapt in my career to all of the technological advancements that will come along the way, putting myself over the competition in the workforce.

  • Throughout the course of this class, I have learned a lot of things that I have never thought of before. This class helped me look at things in a completely different way. For example, I had never thought of everything people do in businesses in the way of processes before. I thought it was pretty neat to completely break something down into individual steps in the swim-lane diagrams and ERDs to see how something works and to also see how you can make the process more efficient. Another very important aspect of this class that I have learned about and found interesting is all the different types of technology/databases that there are and their functions. It is pretty neat to think of everything that goes into a business or process in terms of technology. Between the technology and the different processes, it is all just to make the business run more smoothly and make things as efficient as possible. I believe that the most important aspect of technology in the workplace is how it can help every process and aspect of the business and make things easier and much more organized. Also, how it can cause everything to communicate more smoothly and allow the access of information all across a business. The key elements that I can use to shape my future outlook is to always look into how things can be improved. No matter what, something along a process can be improved. Also, it is helpful to stay with the every changing flow of information.

  • I think one of the most efficient and important aspects of technology in the workplace would be that of an ERP system. Although ERPs are only used by companies with sufficient size and capital investment, I think that how ERPs automate formerly time-consuming practices and allow all segments of a company to interact using real-time data is one of the best ways to increase company efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall firm performance. On a smaller, more accessible scale, I think that swim-lane diagrams and ERDs are very important in understanding business processes and improving these systems. Through this class, I have learned how to model and read these diagrams and this skill may be very useful in a management position when I am tasked with streamlining operations and increasing performance. My biggest takeaway from class is the overall understanding of how people within a company interact with technology and the importance of keeping up-to-date with new technologies and systems that have pros and cons that may be worth implementing.

  • Personally, I have discovered that although much of the information seems like common sense, there is a entire major at the Fox school for a reason. Presumably, many companies are not gathering the correct information at the correct time which lead to inefficient work processes. Often times, we visualize these technology workflow processes in large publicly traded companies. We need to think about these processes being implemented in smaller to mid-size companies more habitually. I think my greatest takeaway and the most important aspect of technology in the workplace is first having the right system in place that is catered to a specific business or industry. Piggybacked off of the right technology, however, is the employees having a complete understanding of not only how but also why these systems are in place and how they are to be fully utilized. Anyone can place a system into a business but if the employees are not properly trained to fully utilized the tools in the toolbox, it can prove to be an expensive waste of time for a company.

  • This class has taught me a lot about how technology can be used in a business setting to increase efficiency. Using swimlane diagrams and ERDs can help recognize inefficiencies in processes, CRMs can better customer relations, the cloud can keep all company data in one organized place, and so on! As an accounting major, I will uses these technologies to ensure that my recording process is as efficient as possible. I believe the most important system we discussed is the cloud. Since so many companies now are implementing cloud technology it is imperative as business students that we understand what is is and why it has become so popular. My greatest take away from this class is that the main goal of implementing technologies into management processes is to find the most effective and efficient ways to go about our business to minimize waste and maximize profits, which can benefit professionals in all industries.

  • Over the course of this class, I have learned a lot. I found it to be very interesting that there was no textbook in the course, but technology is changing so quickly that it truly is pointless to have one. I believe that a CRM system is a crucial piece of technology to a workforce. It’s hard to successfully run a business without keeping track of your clientele. I also found the use of Salesforce to be very helpful. The key elements that I can use to help shape my outlook on the future are the ideas that things are changing very rapidly. This is important to keep in mind because in business you always need to be changing and adapting.

  • All businesses with the goal of succeeding needs to adapt to some form of technology, with it being such an integral part of modern day society. CRM’s, ERD’s and SCM’s can also help achieve that goal. These systems work hand in hand with one another to help a business run efficiently. Your customer should be your number one priority since they are the people that will keep your business afloat. It is essential to have good customer satisfaction and a good CRM system can help attribute to that. However, the other systems are needed to also aid in the customer satisfaction process. Technology changes everyday so you will also need to be able to upgrade your systems and adjust to change as it comes.

  • The biggest takeaway from this class for me will be the swimlane diagrams and ERD’s. Before this class i’ve never heard of either of them which made it that much more surprising to me. The fact that swimlane diagrams help visually explain what is going on with a narrative, they are one of my favorite ways to look at different situations now. It helps so much when you see all the actors, processes, and decisions involved all within a simple swimlane graph. These swimlane diagrams i’m sure will continue to help me throughout the rest of the years of college for me.

  • My biggest take away from the course is that I didn’t even realize how big and essential MIS was in every aspect of businesses and how MIS can be incorporated in pretty much every aspect of life. I would like to talk to my work and see if we can find a way to use MIS or the swimlane to figure out a way to make our processes smoother. I believe that CRM is an integral part of technology in the workplace. Keeping track of your customers and all your sales will help grow your business. To help my future outlook I believe it is always important to stay educated on all the newest technology and continuously learn with the technology.

  • This course has taught me so much about what can be useful, technology-wise, in the current business workforce. I think some of the most important aspects of technology are the uses of the diagrams. The swimlane and ERD diagrams being some of the more important. Being able to solve a technological problem or problem in general accurately and effectively is so important to a business, especially when it concerns money for the business. I can use these elements of the problem-solving diagrams to help me solve a problem that could arise in my future, at work or in life.

  • Throughout this course there has been a lot of helpful information that can help my future. I think the most important take away is ERDs and Swim lanes. Since they are used a lot in business and are extremely important to the business flow. I think getting to know and understand them will definitely help my future and will help me exceed at a higher level.

  • I think something I will take away from what we learned about technology is that it is essential within the business. After learning about CRM’s, SCM’s, and ERD’s I realized how I have already been using these systems within the workforce without even realizing it. I also really enjoyed the swimlane diagrams and think they are a very helpful tool in a business and workforce success. I look forward to continue learning and using these systems to help myself and my business exceed.

  • I think that everything we learned this semester has really prepared me for technology in the workforce. I think the most important aspect of technology in the work force is and ERP system. I think that a large organization with different departments needs to consider ERP implementation as early as they can. The ERP system will help the company work more smoothly and allow for all departments to have the same information, which is important as a company grows. I think that the key element I can use to shape my outlook is definitely swim lane diagrams. Swim lanes have greatly changed the way I look at processes. They allow to analyze and improve a process in place and this can shape my future in the workforce by being able to improve processes that the organization uses.

  • The most important thing I learned in this class is how crucial management systems are to the success of business. For example, SWIM lane diagrams can be used to identify issues in a process, and fix that issue. In addition, the content we covered on cloud based sharing really highlighted the power of a structured information system. And lastly, management systems are required in supply chain positions. Overall, this class made me realize the power of information systems, and proved how they can take a business to the next level. MIS has made me even more excited to start my own business, and implement the strategies we learned here.

  • The most important thing that I believe is crucial to the success of any business is the processing and interpretation of analytical data and utilizing that information in implemented systems. The type of system a business uses is also extremely important but I believe that the analytical interpretation and its use in a system is much more valuable. Analytical data is worth its weight in gold to a business because it exponentially increases a company’s ability to sell its products as effectively as possible to specific customers. It allows a business to understand and develop their competitive advantages and minimize their weaknesses in order to maximize their profits and market share. However, I honestly found so many very very important other things in this class and truly appreciated your passion for the material, it made something that seemed boring to me at first extremely interesting and I really loved that. Thank you, professor Lavin for a great semester, it really flew by. It was a ton of work but well worth it and honestly probably the best way to learn it because a lot of subjects that are as intensive as this can get dulled out and diluted over the course of a normal schedule.

  • I believe one of the most important things I learned in this class was how to read and create a swim lane diagram. They are very clear representations of a business’ processes and are easy to read. This can be helpful to me in the future when I get a real job coming out of college. I also think that learning about the cloud and data storing deepened by understanding of how a lot of data is stored. I connected a lot of this information to the internship I had over the summer that I did not understand before. Before taking this class, I never realized how integral information systems were to businesses and gave me a new appreciation for those who work in this field.

  • This course has given me a better understanding of the various systems businesses use to make processes more efficient. I have learned to appreciate even the simplest business processes since I have seen how chaotic and complex basic tasks can become if they are not completed in an efficient way. SWIM lane diagrams are one way of portraying business processes so that system analysts or really anyone can determine if the business is really functioning at maximum efficiency. I believe AI is going to have a massive impact on not only business but the entire world in the near future, which is why I believe artificial intelligence is the most important aspect of technology in the workforce. Overall, this course has taught me the importance of technology in the business world as well as the various ways it impacts business processes. I hope, in the future, to utilize this technology to the best of my ability to maximize efficiency in everything I do.

  • Throughout the course I learned a lot on how technology is not taking over business but providing a helpful tool to make business more successful. A fear today is that computers are going to take over the world. I think after learning about many of the topics throughout the course this theory is false. Two key learnings for me were the swimlane diagrams and supply chain management. Swimlane diagrams provide an overview of job roles and responsibilities. With supply chain management the lessons on how important getting company needs in and at the right time are essentially to a business. Both swimlane diagrams and supply chain will help in my business career because of the huge need for businesses to put these tools in place.

  • Throughout the course, I have learned lots of technology involved with business and how technology makes the business more efficiently. The most take away I learned from this course are the swim lane and ERD diagram. I feel the swim lane and ERD diagrams will be very useful for the workplace when conducting the project by separate the tasks to help clarify the responsibilities and help the department works together. Also, the artificial intelligence will be the big impact in the future, this course taught us the different the artificial intelligence and how we use them in our life.

  • I have learned so much from this course. MIS 2101 showed me how important technology is for the modern economy nowadays. Technology is the tool to help business successful. We have learned about so many different topics though I think swim lane diagram and customer relationship management system are the two most important topics. Swim lane diagram helps businesses to run more smooth because schools/businesses/companies can all use this map to process multiple steps in a clear way. This way each individual can finish and do their tasks the right way. Also CRM is very important especially when it comes down to business major because it helps business run better. CRM create customer relationship, and the better relationship, the more revenue a business could gain. CRM helps business learner to learn about their customers, what did they buy, why did they buy it, etc which will help their future predictions.I got to learn a lot throughout this course and I believe I could use these knowledge in a real world business.

  • This course has taught me so much. It has given me a better understanding of systems, How we use platforms and certain systems everyday without knowing it and how technology is so important in making business efficient. Understanding now how swim lanes and erd diagrams are integral to letting everyone know how the flow of a process works. Ai is the future and its only getting smarter and that was one of my favorite parts of this class because is so interesting and has so much possibility. I hope i am able to fully utilize all the knowledge i gathered from this class and better myself and whoever i end up working for in the future!

  • Technology helps make the work place run more fluently as well as faster. Technology has helped eliminate a lot of user errors that can happen within the work place such as writing the wrong numbers or even misspelling stuff. With the use of technology we have been able to create jobs such as MIS and IT jobs. Technology is growing and I believe that everything can be changed by it. The cap on technology is yet to be discovered. I personally can’t wait for this to happen.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class would have to be learning that MIS is not CS (computer science). I thought when I registered for this class that it was going to be extremely difficult because I thought I’d have to learn about software, logistics, and programming. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and all the topics we covered. I loved how I was able to take what I learned over the weeks of this course and apply it in my career while also giving me a better understanding of how certain industries work, from a consumers point of view. I found the digital innovation and disruption very interesting and have brought it up several times already in conversation with my friends and coworkers.

  • Honestly, I really enjoyed this class. I think there’s a misconception on what MIS has to offer, or what it even entails. I was surprised to see how directly related to my job it is. I enjoyed learning more about the swim lane and ERD diagrams. They are not uncommon in my company, and I’ve used them in the past, but to have the full break down of them was helpful for me. Additionally, I’m fully engage in supply chain activity at my job, but didn’t realize that CRM existed in the same way that SCM does – at least for manufacturing. I can see CRM being 100% applicable in a retail or service industry. I would be fascinated to see if it’s something that could be implemented in a manufacturing environment and the benefits we would see because of it.

    Thank you for an engaging semester!!

  • This semester in MIS 2101 has been an eye-opener to technology. I have always had the idea that technology played a vital role in business, but the scope of the involvement was not as clear as it is after completing MIS 2101. As technology advances, especially AI, businesses will be in-tune more than ever before with their customers. The number of calculations of data will be substantial and will become the way of future business just as 2018 has shown significant change over the last 5 years in computing and techology.

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