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Exam 2 – March 27, 2018

Exam 2 will be taken on October 21, 2017  during the last hour of class

The Exam will primarily focus on the analysis tools outlined and demonstrated in class discussions 5 –  (Process Mapping), 6 –  (Data Mapping and Relationships)  and 7  – (Business Rules and Decision Trees)  and the respective individual case assignments.

Key topic areas covered in the exam will be: Process Flows, (Swim Lane), Data Analysis (Entity Relationship) and Business Rules (Decision Tree).

Chapter 6 in the text book specifically covered the analysis tools with addition background information found in chapter 4.  Review of the class discussions posted on the web site and follow up case assignments will serve as good study aids.  The Software Requirements Memory Jogger also has examples of the analysis tools and the their components.

Case Solutions can be found on the web site page: Case Assignment Solutions

Exam will be structured as follows:

Section 1: A range of general knowledge multiple choice questions pertaining to the use and structure of the analysis tools discussed and demonstrated in the case studies

Section 2: A Case study that included various diagrams and business rules in which you will be asked identify potential issues or conclusions.  All questions will be in multiple choice form for this section of the exam.

Number of exam questions will range between 30 – 40

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