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Team Presentation Order:

Team 1 Presents   –  Team 2 Evaluates

Team 4 Presents   –  Team 3 Evaluates

Team 2 Presents   –  Team 1 Evaluates

Team 6 Presents   –  Team 5 Evaluates

Team 3 Presents   –  Team 4 Evaluates

Team 5 Presents   –  Team 6 Evaluates


Review Project Deliverables:

Project deliverables are due by 11:00 PM  06/16/2016

See Website link Team Project Deliverables for details

Artifacts to be Delivered:  (electronic required and hardcopy optional)

  • Project Scope Document
  • As is Current State Analysis documentation
    • Process Flow Diagrams (without solution)
    • Data Diagrams (without solution)
    • Business Rules
  • To Be Future State Analysis documentation
    • Process Flow Diagrams (reflecting potential solution)
    • Data Diagrams (reflecting potential solution)
    • Business Rules (if changes required)
  • Design:
    • Persona(s)
    • Scenarios
    • Prototype Screen shots and JustinMind  (.vp) file
  • Presentation
    • PPT file

Team Review Project Presentation:

Presentation order of the teams will be random order determined at the beginning of class

For the presentations each team should have a version of the prototype loaded on a laptop that can be plugged into to projector and an copy of the presentation available to be projected on second screen.  Would recommend email to a team member then access from desktop at the podium.

Please print a hard copy of the presentation and hand to me prior to beginning your presentation

Plan on 10 minutes to present and a few minutes for follow up questions.

Evaluation Team will give feedback to the presentation.

Project team member participation sheets will be completed at the end of Class 12 06/16/2016

Exam 3 will be given in the last hour of Class

The primary material covered in Exam 3 will be on the Design aspects of the course with focus on the topic discussions and exercises reviewed in Classes 7 through 11.

Class 7 – Design

Class 8 – Persona/Scenario/Prototype

Class 8 – User Experience

Class 9 – Reviewing Work

Class 10 – Selling Your Ideas

  • While the exam will focus on design aspects of the discussion there will be reference to the analysis tools (process flow, data entities and business rules) found in some of the questions and applied in the case portions of the exam.
  • A review of chapter 6 in the text book and the class discussion on the analysis tools will also be helpful

Class  4 – Process Mapping

Class 5 – Data Mapping and Relationships

Class 6 – Business Rules and Decision Tree

Class 11 – Summary

Follow up on Extra Credit submissions

All Extra credit submissions must be submitted via email by Saturday June 18th at noon.

No more than two submissions will be accepted

Email should include screen shots and the JustinMind .vp file

Follow up on Exam 3 test question(s)

Class Discussion on:

Overview key topics for the course

Exam 3 topics

Team Review:

Review and discussion on Prototype draft

Begin preparing final Presentation

Organization final Deliverables

As per our class discussion on 6/7/2016, the third exam will be taken in the last hour of Class 11, June 14, 2016.  This was an agreed move from the original date of June 16, 2016.   This will allow additional time for Team project presentations and follow up discussions.

The posted class schedule has been updated to reflect the change in Exam date  – Class Schedule

Review Exam2

Class Discussion on:

Reviewing and evaluating work product

Project presentation framework

Team exercise in developing a score card

Team work session review Person and Scenario

Begin work on Draft Presentation and Prototype

Draft views of your team’s User Persona(s)  and Scenario(s)


Use the persona template found on the web site to describe the typical user(s) that will be engaged in the project solution.  Depending on the project solution there may be more than one persona.

Create a draft outline of scenario(s) that the user will work thought as it pertain to the project solution.  The scenario(s) tell a story as to how the user interacts with the solution, there many be one or more scenarios needed to tell the story.  For the initial draft of the scenario(s) you may create a simple document or PowerPoint slide that outlines the steps and decisions in the form of bullet points.

Turn in case assignment due for JustinMind Introduction Lab2

Review Case assignment for – Business Rules/Decision Tree

Class Discussion on Persona – Scenario – Prototype

Class Discussion on User Experience

Team Project Future State deliverable review

Exam 2 – Last hour of class

Exam 2 will be taken on June 2, 2016  during the last hour of class

The Exam will primarily focus on the analysis tools outlined and demonstrated in class discussions 4 –  (Process Mapping), 5 –  (Data Mapping and Relationships)  and 6  – (Business Rules and Decision Trees)  and the respective individual case assignments.

Key topic areas covered in the exam will be: Process Flows, (Swim Lane), Data Analysis (Entity Relationship) and Business Rules (Decision Tree).

Chapter 6 in the text book specifically covered the analysis tools with addition background information found in chapter 4.  Review of the class discussions posted on the web site and follow up case assignments will serve as good study aids.  The Software Requirements Memory Jogger also has examples of the analysis tools and the their components.

Case Solutions can be found on the web site page: Case Assignment Solutions

Exam will be structured as follows:

Section 1: A range of general knowledge multiple choice questions pertaining to the use and structure of the analysis tools discussed and demonstrated in the case studies

Section 2: A Case study that included various diagrams and business rules in which you will be asked identify potential issues or conclusions.  All questions will be in multiple choice form for this section of the exam.

Number of exam questions will range between 30 – 40

Individual Assignment:

Complete the JustinMind Prototype Introduction Lab2

Turn in a hardcopy print out at the beginning of next weeks class

Lab can be found under the Assignment Case Material section of the website

JustinMind Prototype Introduction Lab 2

Team Project Future State Views:

Draft copies of your team’s Future State analysis depicting changes to the As Is current state based on the potential solution.

  • Swim Lane Process flow Diagram
  • Data Diagram
  • Key business rules / Decision tree  (may not have changes)

Revisit the current state deliverables with any adjustments to reflect the impact of the teams proposed solution

Professional Achievements

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