Information Technology Management

MIS5001 Section 001

Week 5 Case and Assignment


  • Amazon Web Services


  • What Web 2.0 is (and isn’t)
  • Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet
  • Better Information Isn’t Always Beneficial
  • How Cloud Computing is Changing the World
  • ABC: Introduction to SOA


Week 4 Case and Assignment

Case: Cisco ERP


Barnett, T. (January 22, 2007). What IT Can Learn from the Railroad Business. ComputerWorld.

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Week 3 Case and Assignment

Case: Stars Air Ambulance


– Aaronson, D. (1998). Overview of Systems Thinking.

– de Rosnay, J. (January 6, 1997). Feedback. Principia Cybernetica Web.

– Business Process. Wikipedia.

– Christensen, C., Anthony, S., and Roth, E. (2006). Seeing What’s Next: Introduction (How to Use Theories of Disruptive Innovation to Predict Industry Change)
Harvard Publishing: 1742BC-PDF-ENG (need to purchase from Harvard Publishing)

– Christensen, C., Anthony, S., and Roth, E. (2006). Signals of Change: Where Are the Opportunities?
Harvard Publishing: 1743BC-PDF-ENG (need to purchase from Harvard Publishing)

Questions I have Received

Do I need to purchase all the cases on the Harvard Business Review Site?

Answer:  Yes you will need all the cases.  I recommend buying them all at once.

I do not see the Stars Case?

Answer: Stars Air Ambulance can be found on the internet in the public domains.


Week 2 Case and Assignment

Case: Google


Porter 5 Forces Analysis. Wikipedia.

Value Chain. Wikipedia.

Elgan, M. (June 6, 2009). How Cell Phones Will Replace Learning. Computerworld.

Pariser, E. (April 26, 2011). Welcome to the Brave New World of Persuasion Profiling.


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