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Spring 2015 Class Schedule: Every Wednesday, 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Meeting Location: Alter 0A745


All IT Auditor Candidates – Welcome to MIS5205!

IT Service Delivery and Support is to teach students to understand IT service delivery and support function from operation aspects, such as helpdesk, change management, service level agreement monitoring, problem and incident management and disaster recovery plan, etc. Students will learn how to evaluate IT operations from internal control point of view following various control assurance frameworks.  The course is designed to teach students the technical infrastructure of large institutions and how this infrastructure provides a reliable and secure platform for business applications and end users. The course will build a foundation for students to understand the service center management and how IT operation teams are utilized to deliver value to the organization. Most importantly, student will learn how to identify key risks within various IT operation functions and how to evaluate controls mitigating those risks. The course will be taught via lectures, reading assignments, individual and group projects.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon and hope you enjoy the learning experience.

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