Munir Mandviwalla

Professor, Milton F. Stauffer Senior Research Fellow
Executive Director, Institute for Business and Information Technology


A System to Structure, Measure, and Improve Student Development

Munir Mandviwalla, David Schuff, Laurel Miller, Manoj Chacko


In this paper, we develop and evaluate a novel system and computing platform to structure, measure, and improve student development using points. We define student development broadly as the achievement of learning to do, know, live together, and be. The system leverages individual agency, social influences, content generation and sharing, institutional requirements, and gamification as development mechanisms. We apply complex adaptive systems theory as a design concept to integrate the development mechanisms. The paper expands student development theory, justifies the key design mechanisms embedded into the platform, documents an extensive evaluation process, proposes generalizable design principles, and discusses the role of points as a direct measure of student development.

IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, Published online September 28, 2023, 1-13. 

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