Munir Mandviwalla

Professor, Milton F. Stauffer Senior Research Fellow
Executive Director, Institute for Business and Information Technology


Emtec: Culture, Acquisitions, and Co-innovation as the Upstream Future for Midmarket Firms

Munir Mandviwalla, Larry Dignan, Laurel Miller, Bertrand Guillotin
Ivey Publishing, W33454, February 13, 2024

A System to Structure, Measure, and Improve Student Development

Munir Mandviwalla, David Schuff, Laurel Miller, Manoj Chacko
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, Volume: 16, Issue: 6, December 2023, 1001 - 1013. 

Meta: Digitally Transforming Workforce Management at Scale and with Agility

Munir Mandviwalla, Laurel Miller, Larry Dignan
Ivey Publishing, W33549_P, August 08, 2023

Establishing a new academic department – a case study of Temple MIS

Munir Mandviwalla
Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research, Published online, May 5, 2023.

Alexion: Digital Co-Innovation Accelerating the Application of Analytics

Larry Dignan, Laurel Miller, Munir Mandviwalla
Ivey Publishing, W28560, February 16, 2023

Small Business Digital Transformation in the Context of the Pandemic

Munir Mandviwalla and Rich Flanagan
European Journal of Information Systems, Published online March 24, 2021.

An industry perspective on major post-pandemic issues

Munir Mandviwalla, Dinesh Desai, Linda Descano, Larry Dignan, Chris Kearns, Raghu Sankaran
MIS Quarterly Executive, 20(1), Article 2, March 2021.

Achieving academic-industry collaboration through departmental advisory boards

Munir Mandviwalla, Bruce Fadem, Michael Goul, Joey F. George, and David P. Hale.
MIS Quarterly Executive, 14:1, pp. 17-37, March 2015.

Generating and Justifying Design Theory

Munir Mandviwalla
Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS), Volume 16, Issue 5, pp. 314-344, May 2015.

Generating capital from social media

Munir Mandviwalla and Richard Watson
Generating Capital from Social Media, MIS Quarterly Executive, Vol 13, No 2, 2014.

Moving From Access to Use of the Information Infrastructure: A Multi-level Socio-Technical Framework

Pradeep Racherla and Munir Mandviwalla
Moving From Access to Use of the Information Infrastructure: A Multi-level Socio-Technical Framework. Information Systems Research, 24(3), 709-730, September, 2013.
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