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Certified trainer, To-Go Specialist

As a to-go trainer, I ensure that all of the trainees are equipped with the knowledge needed to properly serve customers uphold the service standards of the organization, and act as an intermediary between trainees and management, helping the restaurant to operate smoothly and efficiently. My duties include teaching the trainees essential information about the restaurant such as restaurant history and interesting facts about the business, which they can share with customers, in-depth knowledge about the menu, and engaging in continuous training.

As a to-go specialist myself I take all to-go orders and ensure that they are complete from start to finish, manage all incoming tickets from the servers and communicate with kitchen staff on orders, run food to curbside pickup according to parking numbers, restock, clean, and organize the kitchen and to go area.

At this job, I have learned essential skills such as a strong work ethic, good time management skills, good communication skills, and taking on leading roles for tasks at hand.

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