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In December 2020, I switched my major to MIS. As I am progressing through my major courses, I am putting a lot of thought into what I’d like to do in my future career. I believe that when I get my first few internships, I will be able to narrow down what I want to do with my MIS degree. As of now, I am really enjoying coding! While it can become confusing, it is very interesting to see the various things you can manipulate your code to do. I am working on the basics, but I can’t wait to grow my skills and learn how to build intricate, well designed sites. In addition, I am very interested in data analytics and big data. Companies like Google and Amazon fascinate me because of all the data they collect. In the future, I would also like to see how I could use my MIS skills for project management. Besides school and MIS, some interests of mine include fashion, cooking, and baking!

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