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MIS 2101- Digital Systems

  • Learned the core roles of information systems and various platforms in businesses
  • This introductory course allowed me to get a general feel of Information Systems and learn various ways it’s applied to businesses.

MIS 2402 – Web Application Development

  • Created web-based applications that carried out various business processes and learned how to utilize the
  • Through Web Application Development, I learned the basics on web application development and learned how to use Javascript, Jquery, HTML, and CSS.

MIS 2502 – Data And Analytics

  • Navigated and queried relational NoSQL databases and combined various sources to understand manipulate data to analyze
  • In this course, we gained an understand on how to read and navigate data presented by SQL, NoSQL, and Python programs .

ACCT 2101 – Financial Accounting

  • Learned basic accounting concepts and principles and use of financial systems
  • Using the knowledge from this class, and about gathering data in my courses, I could use the skills learned to work in accounting with a focus on Information systems.



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