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Related Coursework (Spring 2021) – 

Macroeconomics (ECON 1101) – In macroeconomics, instead of focusing on the personal decisions made in an economy (ECON 1102), we mostly learned about economic decisions made by the government. Some of the specific topics we spent time learning are gross domestic product (GDP), aggregate demand, inflation, long-run and short-run conditions, and a lot more. The key takeaway I got from ECON 1101, though, is unemployment. I learned a lot about the conditions and numbers that go behind unemployment.

Digital Systems (MIS 2101) – In Digital Systems, I learned a lot about how technology can help improve efficiency in businesses. Technology can help organize a company through ERDs and Swim Lane Diagrams. I also learned about CRM’s and ERP’s, and how they help vastly improve businesses. Another huge takeaway from MIS 2101 is JavaScript. Coding is a great skill to have, especially in today’s world where mostly everything is technology-based. That being said, this class definitely prepares you for a future in technology.

Quantitative Methods for Business I (STAT 1001) – In this class, we reviewed and learned a lot of statistic-based concepts. One huge takeaway from this class is the teaching of excel. We learned how to utilize excel in a professional environment, and like MIS 2101, it really prepares you for today’s workforce.


Related Coursework (Fall 2020) –

Microeconomics (ECON 1102)  – In this course, I really learned how the economy is driven by peoples’ wants and needs. I learned how to read supply and demand graphs, how firms maximize production via trade, market competition, externalities, and more. This class has really taught me the reasoning behind why the economy acts as it does.

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