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Current Business Courses:

Managerial Accounting: Having already taken financial accounting, this course has been great so far in utilizing my accounting acumen for the purposes of making business decisions regarding production, advertising, and hiring. I expect to further hone my business decision making based on Accounting information in this course.

Business Communication: Learning to communicate to clients and employers is integral in the workplace, and this class does a great job of teaching the material. Katie Gerst is a great professor that offers vital feedback on how to stand out and be professional in a virtual environment which has greatly helped me improve my communication skills thus far. I hope to further hone my communication skills in the virtual environment we are now accustomed to.

Digital Systems: As an MIS learning the basics around systems like ERP’s and CRM’s has been important in giving me a taste of what is yet to come in my MIS education. I am learning a tremendous amount about the application of Information Systems within businesses and how to effectively make use of them. I am excited for the coding portion of this course where we will learn JavaScript.

Introduction to Risk Management: While I am not an insurance or risk management major, I think the topics we discuss in this course are very useful for general decision-making in business. I enjoy thinking through the various issues presented to us especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic we are living in. I am excited to continue developing my business decision-making in this class.


Previous Business Courses:

Macroeconomic Principles: Learning about how global markets operate and refreshing on basic economics that I learned in AP Microeconomics was very useful and was a perfect introductory business course for me to take in my first semester at Temple. Being able to analyze economic data about countries is a great skill that this class has instilled in me.

Legal Environment of Business: The amount of information regarding various liabilities that businesses face in today’s world has been very important in conceptualizing the legal aspects of the business world. The thought of liability in day-to-day business operations is much more apparent in my mind after taking this class which I think will be useful in my future as a professional so that my firm can avoid as much legal trouble as possible.

Leadership and Organizational Management: This was a very insightful introduction to the business world for me as there is a tremendous amount of information covered by this topic. Learning about various business strategies, hierarchies, and operations allowed me to better understand the structure of companies and how exactly a company operates on an organizational level. Also, learning about interesting individuals in business like Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, and Marc Benioff gave me an idea of the various ways that people can lead and guide their firms.

Financial Accounting: This course was helpful in learning the basics of how accounting is done and how to analyze various financial statements that companies and investors make use of. The culmination of this class materializes for me in that I now have the skill to glean tremendous amounts of information about a company just by looking at their annual and quarterly reports from the SEC. This skill will not only be helpful to me as a professional but is currently useful to me in deciding which companies I want to invest in with the money I have invested in the stock market as a hobby.

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