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Computer Technician Summer Help

  1. I set-up, updated, and enrolled new Chromebook devices into the district network. I deployed a computer image made by the network coordinator onto new laptop devices for new teachers. I kept track of the number of new devices enrolled through google\’s admin tool and through excel spreadsheets. I supplemented Chromebook devices and Chromebook carts to schools in the district that needed them. I handed out new Chromebook devices to parents.
  2. I was apart of the team that set up and enrolled 7000 Chromebook devices. I Was a part of the team that deployed a new computer image to over 100 new teacher laptops. I Was a part of the team that supplemented over 3000 devices to different schools. I Was a part of the team that handed out over 1500 new Chromebook devices to parents.
  3.  I learned how to scan the asset tags of devices onto an excel datasheet and how to keep track of databases through google admin and excel spreadsheets (data analytics). I learned how to deploy a computer image through Quest Kace which is a software company that specializes in computer appliances for systems management of information technology equipment (project management and software application). I learned how to manage a lot of devices at once through deploying and supplementing thousands of devices over the course of the summer (project management and management of IT equipment).
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