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This semester (my first at Temple) I took five courses!

  • In my MIS 0855 class, I learned tableau software, which is a data visualization tool that provides a lot of data mixing and dashboards to create data visualization.
  • In my MIS 2402 class, I learned how to work with coding, more specifically HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, these being important things to know for web development.
  • In my MIS 2502 class, I learned different programming languages that are more geared towards the data analytics side. I learned SQL, MongoDB, and Python which helped me grow my understanding of data analytics.
  • In my BA 2101 class, I learned how to write a professional resume and how to apply for an internship. This course help my emphasize career planning and interview preparation, including presentation and writing skills.
  • In my MUST 0809 class, I learned the history and development of music in different cultures around the world, and it let me better understand the life and culture of those who love music.

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