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Biometrics: Security and Privacy Considerations

This LinkedIn Learning covered the basics of biometrics such as what they are and how they can be used in the work place. The series of videos were  put together by Lyron Andrews, a business strategist at Profabula. From what I gathered, Biometric Security uses unique bodily components, such as fingerprints, face, eyes, or voice, to verify your identity. Instead of remembering passwords, you might utilize your body characteristics to unlock your phone or secure your belongings. It works by capturing a brief image or recording of a bodily characteristic and comparing it to what’s previously preserved. This strategy is more difficult for others to imitate, making it an effective way to protect items. People use it for various purposes, such as unlocking their phones and securing vital information. Its effectiveness is usually determined by the quality of the technology and the security with which information about your physical features is stored.

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